Acacia Wood Coffee Table Designs

Acacia wood coffee table designs from Tier 1 Furnishings offer magnificence and long-lasting quality. Our tables are made from solid acacia hardwood, one of the most durable woods in the world.

Acacia coffee tables are perfect for residential and commercial spaces, offering a unique aesthetic that’s nothing short of stunning! This sustainable, natural wood offers an exotic wood grain we know you’ll love!

Shop our selection of acacia wood coffee table designs with confidence! And if you’d like something totally custom from our shop, feel free to reach out at any time!


What is a Coffee Table?

Coffee tables are some of the most important and essential pieces of furniture in any home or commercial setting. They provide a place to set drinks, TV remotes, books, magazines, and anything else you might need within arm’s reach while relaxing on a couch.

Most coffee tables are made from wood, glass, or metal. Some have storage features like drawers or shelves, while others are simply flat surfaces. They come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to choose the one that best suits the needs of your home and lifestyle.

Some coffee tables complement rugs, others accent other furniture and mirrors. Tier 1 Furnishings furniture adds to any room’s decor with ease!

In some cases, a secondary shelf under the table can hold pillows and other accessories. However, these are not common as most people prefer to use coffee tables as flat surfaces.

acacia wood coffee table materials

Tier 1 Furnishings Materials

We make coffee tables and other furniture using only the highest-quality materials possible. Regardless of which style you order, you should always expect us to ship only the best!

Whether it’s a table for your dining room or decor for your lobby, all Tier 1 Furnishings furniture uses perfectly preserved acacia. But we’re also incorporating other materials into our designs.

Our steel is hand-forged to guarantee it’s made to last. We use it to fabricate the legs and accents on some furniture styles.

We also hand-make custom glass inserts for some of our designs. Regardless of the size, we can make glass inserts for your furniture to make it a more modern, aesthetically stunning piece!

acacia coffee table

Acacia Coffee Table Styles by Tier 1 Furnishings

Tier 1 Furnishings produces new designs in an array of styles. While we leave availability open, we make each piece to order, allowing you to customize your furniture as you see fit!

You might need furniture for rugs and other accessories that must be a specific size. Of course, if you’re looking for a large solid coffee table, you’ll need to check with us for availability. some of the larger pieces can be hard to come by!

Here’s a list of some of the designs we have ready to make from scratch. Keep in mind, we can also craft something completely unique and custom, perfect for entertaining your guests!

Acacia Wood Coffee Table with Drawers

We produce customizable coffee tables. While we don’t have any acacia wood coffee tables with drawers designs listed on our site, we can add drawers to any design!
If you’re looking for something custom, we can make it happen! Feel free to contact us to inquire about your unique, custom acacia coffee table with drawers now!
Live Edge Wood Coffee Tables

Live Edge Wood Coffee Tables

Our shop makes live edge coffee tables featuring the natural edge of the tree. We remove the bark, showing the exotic grain in a way that is sure to catch anyone’s eye!

This style is perfect for those who want a conversation piece in their home. It’s also a great way to show off the beauty of nature in your living room or office!

We can make live edge coffee tables of any size you need. Just let us know the dimensions you’re working with, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Custom Glass Insert Coffee Tables

Custom Glass Insert Coffee Tables

We create custom glass coffee tables for those who want a unique and modern look for their home. Our shop can create any size, shape, or design you need!

If you have an idea for a design, we can craft it for you. If you’re not sure what you want, we can help you come up with the perfect design for your space!

Traditional Wood Coffee Tables

Traditional Wood Coffee Tables

Traditional designs focus more on the grain than the natural edge. We smooth the edges to make them uniform, perfectly highlighting each piece’s natural beauty.

acacia log coffee table

Live Edge Log Acacia Coffee Tables

For those who enjoy a rustic aesthetic, our live edge log designs enhance outdoorsy spaces. So, if you’re looking to add some unique decor to your sophisticated cabin, look no further!

acacia wood and steel sled coffee table

Sled Coffee Table Designs

Our sled coffee table designs add a warm feeling to any room! If you’ve ever been sledding, you know what a sled looks like. But we guarantee you’ve never seen a sled coffee table like this!

Get a unique coffee table for your home or commercial space. Your guests will appreciate this sophisticated change in sled table designs!

Live Edge Circle Coffee Tables

Live Edge Circle Coffee Tables

Our live edge circular cocktail tables are a swirl of color and exotic grain! The variety found in these styles makes this one of our most coveted designs!

With golds and browns mixed together to offer a unique look, it’s easy to see why so many people want to show these off in their homes. We’ve even had restaurants commission us to create booth tables out of these live edge slabs!

Live Edge Rectangle Side Tables

Live Edge Rectangle Side Tables

Whether for dining or coffee-related decor, live edge rectangular side tables complement any space. The natural edge is simply gorgeous, offering an outdoorsy aesthetic everyone enjoys!

These go great sitting on rugs. but they also look excellent in the waiting lobby of a store or other commercial business. Regardless of how you use these tables, we’re ready to custom-craft them for your space!

Acacia Coffee Tables for Decor

Considering adding some new furniture to your home? While some choose to add more pillows and rugs, others see the addition of a beautiful acacia wood coffee table as the perfect way to start!

Adding one of our tables gives your home that extra pop of color and style you’ve been looking for. With options like glass inserts, traditional designs, and live edge slabs, we have a table that’s perfect for any space!

Include this furniture at your residence. Or, perhaps you’d rather add it to your business’s lobby. Regardless of where you use this furniture, we have the tools to make the custom furnishing your space craves!

Matching Coffee and Dining Tables

We love creating matching coffee and dining tables! If you’re looking to have a set made for your living and dining room area, don’t hesitate to reach out!

We’ll ask you for some measurements and photos of the space. Then, we’ll get to work finding the perfect pieces to complement it!

Tier 1 Furnishings Customer Service Report

Wondering if our customer service closed to general inquiries? We’re still open and ready to receive your calls!

If you’d rather us send you an email, use the email address submit option on our contact us page. Or, you can always sign up for our newsletter to receive top deals straight to your inbox!

Shipping Acacia Tables Abroad

Curious if we send our products abroad? We do!

First, we’ll need your project details to get started. Once we finish your furniture, we’ll need your name, address, and other details to handle the logistics.

We then make sure there’s no bug contact and guide the package overseas. Since we don’t have a brick-and-mortar store just yet, we’re producing each piece at our factory in Chiang Mai, Thailand before shipping individually.

The price featured in our online store doesn’t always include shipping as the shipping prices are rather unpredictable. Once we have your details, we’ll put our logistics team to work to determine what it will cost to get the furniture to its final destination!

For example, shipping furniture to Boston usually costs more than shipping to New York City. We’ll find top deals on shipping to ensure you never pay a price that’s more than necessary!

Again, larger tables are subject to availability. Each piece ranges in size and bigger trees are rarer than smaller options. Thus, if you need help finding a large piece to create something custom, our sales team is ready to help you find the perfect slab!

Looking for other furniture options? Keep shopping our page! We have a wide variety of dining room furniture, as well as living room furniture, charcuterie boards, mirrors, and more to offer!

Our Prices

While our prices aren’t cheap, they’re reasonable for these luxurious custom furnishings. If you purchase more than one piece, we can combine the shipping, which brings the price down per piece.

Haven’t found what you’re looking for yet? Continue shopping Tier 1 Furnishings to find exactly what you need!

Looking for something custom? Ask us about our availability to custom craft unique bespoken items for your space!

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