Acacia wood Console Tables

Our live edge acacia wood console table designs offer an incredible natural aesthetic to any space! Every design is unique, and our hearts and souls go into everything we create!

These console tables are one of a kind, meaning you won’t find another piece of furniture like them anywhere else! For anyone looking for customizable acacia console tables, our shop is here for you!

Shop top deals on console tables and other furniture from Tier 1 Furnishings with confidence! And if you’d like to customize one of these console tables to include one or two drawers, some cubbies, or something else, just let us know!

Acacia Wood Console Table with Drawers

While we don’t have any pictures of our acacia wood console table with drawers, we can create something custom just for you! We have hideaway drawers that we’re itching to use!

These media tables are second to none, and with the option for drawers, these magnificent pieces become more practical. Keep in mind, they still maintain their gorgeous aesthetic, even with the addition of drawers!

Let us know if you’re looking for an acacia wood console table with drawers and we’ll show you exactly how we’ll create it! You’ll give us the measurements and specifications, and we’ll get to work!

Live Edge Console Table in Acacia

What is a Console Table?

A console table is a type of table that is typically placed against a wall in an entryway or living room. This furniture can also be placed in other rooms throughout the home, such as a bedroom, office, or even a bathroom!

Console tables are usually quite narrow and long, which makes them perfect for small spaces! They offer a great place to put your keys, mail, or any other items that need a home.

Console tables can also be used as a catch-all for things like coasters, magazines, or remotes. They offer both function and style in one piece of furniture!

narrow console table acacia wood

Acacia for Console Table Creation

Our acacia console tables are second to none, showcasing the exotic wood grain as the star of each piece. Some prefer the natural edge while others enjoy a more traditional style. But either way, Tier 1 Furnishings provides some of the best deals on bespoke furniture!

Whether in your dining area or as an accent to store some bedding in your bedroom, adding an acacia console table to your home is a great way to spruce up the look while adding some extra function and storage!

For those who prefer to use this furniture as art, these custom media consoles are excellent decor for any space. You won’t have to worry about matching the pillows in your living room with this exotic furniture as it goes with anything!

Whether you’re adding it to a post-modern dining room or a living room with a natural aesthetic, it’s time to add this furniture to your home or commercial setting knowing that it will enhance your space!

You’ll love the natural beauty and variation of the acacia wood grain in these pieces, and they’re sure to become a conversation starter with friends and family!

narrow entry table acacia wood

More on Acacia Entryway Tables from Tier 1 Furnishings

Looking for a modern industrial acacia wood console table with hairpin legs? We’ll make it happen!

What about an acacia wood industrial rustic style accent table? Our woodworkers will take your measurements and create a stunning custom piece of furniture!

Need a console table to store bedding? We’ll craft something custom with doors, drawers, cubbies, and more to make beautiful yet practical furniture for your home or commercial space!

Live Edge Console Table in Acacia

Custom Acacia Wood Narrow Table

You might want a narrow console or entryway table to keep near your front door; if that’s the case, you likely want something that makes a statement the moment your guests arrive!

Regardless of whether this customizable console sofa table will become the centerpiece of your home or act as a catch-all in your living room, Tier 1 Furnishings is ready to design the piece your home or business needs to enhance its aesthetic!

acacia wood console tables

More on Acacia

Acacia wood has been used to craft furniture for thousands of years. It’s a hardwood that’s known for its beautiful, varied grain pattern.

The acacia tree is found in tropical and subtropical areas all over the world, so the wood can vary in color from reddish-brown to golden yellow, depending on the region it was harvested from. Our acacia comes from Thailand, giving it a unique gold and brown aesthetic that goes great in any space.

This species of tree is resistant to decay and pests, meaning you won’t have to worry about bug contact. Those who go with acacia save thousands on replacing furniture as each piece is handmade to last multiple generations.

You can use these live edge entryway tables on rugs, to hold pillows, or even as a grand accent table or art piece for your space. Other uses exist, of course. But how you choose to use your acacia console table is ultimately up to you!

Our team is ready to create the media console table design your space needs! Contact us now to provide us with the measurements you’d like and choose from our selection of natural edge acacia wood!

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