What Is Acacia Wood Used For?

What is acacia wood used for, anyway? If you’re looking for an interesting and unique wood to work with, acacia may be a good choice. This type of wood is often used in furniture and cabinetry because of its durability and beautiful grain. But what is acacia wood used for, specifically? Keep reading to find …

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How to Clean Acacia Wood

If you’re lucky enough to have acacia wood furniture or flooring, you’ll want to know how to clean it properly. Acacia is a beautiful, durable wood that’s resistant to staining and scratches, but it still needs to be cleaned regularly with the right supplies and methods. Read on for tips on how to keep your …

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What Does Contract Grade Furniture Mean?

What does contract grade furniture mean, anyway? When you’re shopping for furniture, it’s important to know what contract grade means. This term refers to furniture that is built to withstand heavy use in a commercial setting. Contract grade furniture includes restaurant furniture, office furniture, and any type of commercial furniture that’s expected to be used …

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Is Acacia Wood a Hardwood?

Is acacia wood a hardwood? Yes. But it’s so much more! When it comes to wood, there are two main categories: hardwoods and softwoods. But what exactly makes wood a hardwood? And is acacia wood a hardwood? In this post, we’ll explore the differences between hardwoods and softwoods and look at the characteristics of acacia …

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Wood Hardness Scale Acacia

You came here for the wood hardness scale acacia offers – and you won’t be disappointed! At Tier 1 Furnishings, we work exclusively with acacia wood! When it comes to woodworking, there is one thing that is always on the mind of the woodworker—the hardness of the wood. Different types of wood have different levels …

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What Does Acacia Wood Look Like?

What does acacia wood look like, anyway? Tier 1 Furnishings has you covered! If you’re considering using acacia wood in your next home improvement project, you may wonder what it looks like. Acacia wood is prized for many things, including its durability and natural beauty. It’s also easier to work with than most other types …

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What Kind of Wood Is Acacia?

What kind of wood is acacia? You’ll learn that and more here and now! If you’re looking for beautiful and durable wood, acacia might be the right choice. Acacia wood comes from acacia trees and shrubs native to Australia, which are now found in Asia, the Pacific Islands, Africa, and North and South America. There …

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Acacia Wood Outdoor Durability

Ever wonder about acacia wood outdoor durability? You’re not alone! In this blog post, we explore the weathering and rot resistance of this unique type of wood. We’ll also look at different ways you can use acacia wood outdoors to get the most out of its durability! Read on to learn more. Is Acacia Wood …

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