How Tall Should a Coffee Table Be?

how tall should a coffee table be

When it comes to coffee tables, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The ideal height for a coffee table depends on a number of factors, including the height of the sofa or chairs that will be surrounding it, the size of the room, and the overall style of the furniture.

Generally speaking, the average coffee table is between 16 and 18 inches tall. However, if you are working with a small space, you may want to opt for a shorter coffee table. Conversely, if you have a large living room or family room, you may want to choose a taller coffee table.

Keep reading to learn more about coffee table height options, important considerations, and more.

What is the Standard Height of a Coffee Table?

If you’ve ever wondered what’s normal for coffee table heights, you’re not alone.

The standard acacia coffee table height is anywhere from 14 to 20 inches. Most people prefer coffee tables around two inches lower than a sofa’s seat height. This makes it easy to reach over and grab a drink or snack without having to get up. Rectangular coffee tables are typically from 16″ to 20″ tall, while square and round tables are usually around 18″ tall. Of course, these are just general guidelines.

The best way to figure out what height coffee table is right for you is to measure your sofa and see how high off the ground it is. Then, you can find a coffee table that is a few inches lower than that. This will ensure that you can reach your drinks and snacks easily and that your coffee table looks proportional to your sofa.

How Tall Should a Coffee Table Be?

When selecting a coffee table, keep in mind that it should be proportionate to the other pieces of furniture in the room. A coffee table that is too tall or too short can throw off the balance of a room and make it feel cramped or cluttered.

We recommend a coffee table that is 14″ to 20″ tall. This height allows for comfortable seating around the table and leaves plenty of surface area for setting down drinks, books, or other items.

When deciding on the perfect coffee table for your space, consider both the height and the width of the table. A too-wide table can make it difficult to move around the room, while a too-narrow table may not provide enough surface area for your needs.

The most important thing is to choose a coffee table that you love and that fits seamlessly into your space. With a little bit of planning, you can find the perfect table to complete your room.

How Long Should a Coffee Table Be?

In terms of function, a coffee table should be around two-thirds as long as your sofa. This allows you and your guests to easily reach over for drinks and snacks without having to stretch too far.

From a design perspective, we recommend having a coffee table that’s at most, 18 inches from the edge of any furniture surrounding it. This will ensure that your coffee table doesn’t look overpowering or out of place in your space.

If you’re unsure of what size coffee table to choose, err on the side of caution and go with a smaller option. It’s always easier to add in a few smaller accent tables if you find that you need more surface area than what one coffee table can provide.

Other Coffee Table Tips

Here are some other things to keep in mind when deciding how tall your coffee table should be:

1. The height of your sofa or chairs: You want your coffee table to be the same height or slightly lower than the seats of your sofa or chairs. This will create a harmonious look and make it easy for people to reach their drinks or snacks.

2. The size of your room: If you have a small room, you may want to choose a shorter coffee table so that there’s more open space in the room. A taller coffee table may overwhelm a small room and make it feel cramped.

3. The type of furniture you have: If you have low-profile furniture, such as an ottoman or bench, you may want to choose a shorter coffee table so that it doesn’t look out of place.

4. Your personal preference: Ultimately, the height of your coffee table is up to you! Choose what feels most comfortable and looks best in your space.

Picking The Right Size Coffee Table For My Room

If you’re curious about what size coffee table is right for your room, there are a few things to consider.

First, think about the size of the room. A coffee table should be around 2/3 the length of your couch.

Next, think about what you’ll be using the coffee table for. If you plan on using it for more than just a place to set your drink, you’ll want a larger table.

It’s also good to take into account the other furniture in the room. If you have a lot of other pieces, you’ll want to make sure the coffee table doesn’t overwhelm the space.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can pick the perfect coffee table for your room!

Coffee Table Height FAQ

How tall should your coffee table be compared to your couch?

For the best possible look and function in your living room, the coffee table should be two-thirds the length of your sofa. Additionally, there should be at most 18 inches between the furniture edge and coffee table. Ideally, the coffee table would be around 2 inches shorter than the couch. This allows for easy reach from all seated positions without

Should a coffee table be higher than the sofa?

No, a coffee table should never be taller than a sofa. It should be between 1 and 2 inches lower. This allows for easy reach from all seated positions without having to strain or stand up. Additionally, a coffee table that is too tall can make a room feel cramped and cluttered.

How tall is too tall for a coffee table?

A coffee table that is more than four inches taller than the sofa seat cushions is too tall. This also goes for how short a coffee table is. A coffee table should never be less than 4 inches shorter than couch cushions. Anything shorter can make a room feel off and unfinished.

How far should a coffee table be from your sofa?

A coffee table should be around 15 or 16 inches away from furniture to give people leg room. This allows for easy access to the table without having to move furniture out of the way. Additionally, it prevents the coffee table from feeling like it’s too close to the couch and crowding the space.