How to Care for Acacia Wood Furniture

How to Care for an Acacia Wood Table

You’re considering buying acacia wood furniture. Perhaps you want an entire dining set and live edge coffee table. Or maybe you’re looking for something custom.

But while you’re willing to make this luxurious purchase, you also want to make it last as long as possible.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to maintain your acacia wood outdoor furniture so that you can enjoy the beauty of these pieces for many years to come. As a bonus, we’ll discuss how to clean your indoor acacia wood, too!


Why Acacia Dining Tables & Chairs?

Few trees offer the same light amber beauty as acacia wood. The appearance of this timber is second to none in our book, and for anyone wondering if it’s worth it to use these trees for home furnishings, check out this article about acacia dining table creation.

Besides the unique aesthetic and impressive density of this wood, it’s important to note where it’s found. From Thailand to Africa, Central America, and Australia, the world loves growing acacia – and one look at this wood and its durability makes it easy to understand why!

Acacia wood furniture is a classic, elegant, and durable option for your home. It’s often used in office buildings because its straight and wavy patterns blend well with contemporary décor. However, acacia live edge dining table preservation requires some care to keep it looking its best!

Quick Benefits of Acacia Wood acacia trees

Benefits of Acacia Wood Table Creation

Acacia hardwood is now used globally to handcraft stunning live edge furniture. From live edge acacia coffee tables to acacia dining tables and chairs, it’s important to know the benefits of this luxurious wood.

Acacia wood was commonly used by the British Royal Navy for their ships because of its exceptional durability and stability. They found it perfect for building ships.

But the British Royal Navy didn’t realize its value for furniture creation.

Here’s a list of acacia wood table benefits that have us shipping this furniture all over the world:

  • This style wood is eco-friendly. As a sustainable tree, acacia matures quite fast.
  • This wood is hard, with large leaf acacia scoring a Janka hardness rating of 1700. Small leaf acacia has a hardness rating of 2220. This rating even exceeds well-known tree species like hard maple and oak. Both of these trees are known their durability.
  • Like marble, an acacia wood table is difficult to scratch. This style of table is becoming more popular in restaurants because of its scratch resistance.
  • Water and heat resistance make acacia ideal for home furnishings and commercial furnishings alike. It’s perfect for any space!
  • Its unique wood grain makes it an exotic lumber that fits with any style of decor. A simply stunning aesthetic that matches without hesitation.
  • An acacia wood table is also lightweight in comparison to other lumbers. However, it’s still strong and can hold significantly more than its weight.
unique grain texture acacia wood

How to Clean an Outdoor Acacia Wood Table

Acacia wood tables and other outdoor furniture can experience wear and tear quite fast. This ultimately depends on several factors, including if it’s in direct sunlight, near a jacuzzi, and other harsh elements.

To watch an outdoor acacia wood table get damaged because of inadequate care is a tragedy. But with the right cleaning tools, it’s easy to solve everyday wear and preserve the grain for years of patio enjoyment!

Some may be tempted to use specific cleaning products for acacia because it’s a durable wood. However, just like with other hardwoods like maple, oak, hickory, and teak, acacia wood furniture can be cleaned with soap and water if it’s not too dirty.

You should also use oil to protect the surface of your outdoor acacia wood furniture from sun damage. While your patio might have an overhang, it’s always best to take care of this high-end furniture with regular maintenance.

To keep the exotic grain of your outdoor acacia wood furniture looking good as new, try these tips on for size.

Tips to Keep Acacia Wood Outdoor Furniture Looking Incredible

Clean your acacia wood table annually – at least!

A soap solution should be gentle enough. But make sure to use a soft cloth as a cleaning tool with a rough surface can damage outdoor dining tables.

Apply a light coat of coconut or olive oil to acacia wood furniture

Apply a light coat of coconut or olive oil.

This will help preserve the acacia and add some shine if it dulls. A dining set made from acacia wood can last for decades with the right care.

Keep your acacia outdoor furniture away from chlorine.

An acacia wood table isn’t resistant to chlorine. So if it’s sitting near your pool or jacuzzi, expect some faded wood. Move it to an area where there is not so much moisture, or apply lemon oil for additional durability after you’ve dried it off with a towel.

keep acacia wood out of direct sunlight to avoid fading

Keep it out of direct sunlight.

If you’re looking for even more protection from direct sunlight and warping, use a clear sealant like polyurethane on top of the coconut or olive oils. This will keep harmful chemicals and liquids from seeping into your outdoor acacia wood table.

Use Pledge Wipes for wipe downs.

An easy way to care for the appearance of your acacia wood table involves using Pledge Wipes or other non-abrasive cleaning cloth. These wipes are perfect for use on all surfaces and won’t harm the acacia wood.

acacia wood maintenance with lemon oil

Maintenance is essential for acacia furniture, especially if it’s not covered.

If your acacia wood table looks dull, give it a quick once-over with lemon oil or furniture polish. This will ensure a long-lasting finish that’s resistant to scratching. Additionally, the furniture will withstand everyday wear with ease.

How to Clean Indoor Acacia Wood Furniture

How to Clean Indoor Acacia Wood Furniture

Acacia wood furniture can also degrade indoors over time without regular maintenance; it doesn’t have to be out in the heat to age.

To care for your acacia dining table and chairs, we recommend using a mix of water and vinegar. Scrub the mixture onto the surface using a soft material and then wipe dry.

If the surface dries before you’re done, or if it has been a long time since your last dusting session, sprinkle some corn starch onto the furniture surface (especially on areas that show wear). This will keep the moisture from absorbing into the wood.

For an acacia table that’s inside, we recommend using an acacia wood oil every few months to keep the surface moisturized. While the acacia tree is hardy and the primary building material for some homes and flooring, if you don’t take care of your table, it might be better off in the fireplace!

If something spills on your acacia table, clean it fast. Don’t let it stain your indoor dining table because it’s not always an affordable fix! This isn’t bamboo!

Since we pull moisture from the acacia wood before making it into furniture, a little dust won’t hurt it. However, it’s still best to wipe your table and each of your acacia dining chairs down any time dust begins to accumulate – or sooner!

While this wood is eco-friendly, these materials can be expensive. If you don’t want to scrub your table down, we recommend using a dust cover and storing it in the off-season.

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