How To Close Cliq Chair

The task of closing a cliq chair can be likened to the process of folding a map. Both require an attentive and precise approach in order to be successful.

Folding a map wrong can leave you lost and frustrated, the same can be said for closing a cliq chair wrong. By following a few steps, you can be sure to close your cliq chair without any missteps.

The first step to closing a cliq chair is to remove any attachments. These can include armrest cushions, seat cushions, and footrests.

Once the attachments are removed, the next step is to fold the legs and footrest inwards. This should be done slowly and carefully to ensure the parts are not damaged.

Next, the armrest and backrest should be secured in place to ensure the chair remains closed when not in use. With these steps, you can be sure that your cliq chair will be properly closed and stored for future use.

Remove Any Attachments

The current section outlines the procedure to detach any components from the seating unit.

Firstly, check for any attachments and remove them in order to gain access to the hidden parts of the chair.

To do this, use the appropriate tools to unscrew the bolts and slide the components off the chair.

If any parts are difficult to remove or have been damaged, replace them with the appropriate parts.

Be sure to check for any frayed wires or loose screws before reattaching the components to the chair for a secure fit.

Lastly, check to ensure all pieces are firmly in place and the attachments are secure.

By following these steps, you can easily remove any attachments from the chair and replace any parts that are old or damaged.

Fold the Legs and Footrest

Folding the legs and footrest of the chair is akin to shutting the barn door after the horses have bolted. It is an important step to ensure that the chair is securely and safely closed.

Care should be taken to avoid any strain to the frame or the legs of the chair when folding. To begin, the user should loosen the bolts on the footrest and legs, before carefully folding the legs and footrest into the body of the chair. This helps ensure that the attachments are removed properly and that the installation tips are followed correctly.

The user should then secure the bolts to keep the chair in a closed position. By following these steps, the user can ensure that the chair is properly closed and locked in place.

Secure the Armrest and Backrest

Securing the armrest and backrest of the chair is essential for proper installation and stability.

To do this, one must first fasten the locks located at the bottom of the armrests and backrest.

This will keep the chair’s backrest and armrests connected to the main frame.

Additionally, one must adjust the tension of the chair to make sure that the armrests and backrest remain in place.

This ensures that the chair provides adequate comfort and support for its user.

Properly securing the armrest and backrest of the chair will ensure that the chair remains stable and comfortable for years to come.


The Cliq Chair is a comfortable and stylish piece of furniture that can be easily moved around and stored away when not in use. However, when it comes time to close the chair, it can be a bit tricky.

The key to closing the Cliq Chair is to start with the attachments and then move onto the legs and footrest. After that, the armrest and backrest should be secured and the chair will be safely closed.

To ensure a secure closure, one should make sure all attachments are removed and that the legs, footrest, armrest, and backrest are tightly secured. With a few simple steps, the chair will be safely and securely closed.

The Cliq Chair is a great piece of furniture, but it’s important to take the time to close it properly. With the right technique, the chair can be closed quickly and efficiently.

It’s best to start with the attachments, then the legs and footrest, and finally secure the armrest and backrest. With a few simple steps, the Cliq Chair can be safely and securely closed, providing a comfortable and stylish piece of furniture that can be easily moved and stored away when not in use.