How to Hang a Live Edge Shelf

Wondering how to hand a live edge shelf? You’re not alone!

How to Hang a Live Edge Shelf

The popularity of live edge furniture has been increasing in recent years. There’s something about the natural shape and texture of the wood that makes it stand out against traditional, boring furniture.

If you’re looking to add a live edge shelf to your home, this tutorial is for you. Read on to learn how to hang a live edge shelf with ease.

Measure the Space You Want to Hang the Shelf in and Mark the Spot on the Wall

If you don’t already have a live edge shelf, get one from your local home improvement store or online. Once you have the shelf in hand, measure out where on the wall you want to hang it and mark that spot with a pencil. 

Make sure it’s level by using a bubble level. If it’s not, adjust the mark and test again until it is.

Live Edge Shelf Brackets Should Be Mounted into Studs

When purchasing live edge shelf brackets, make sure you get the correct type for your wall. Try to find ones that say they are specifically for mounting into drywall and studs with a drill.

Live edge shelves generally weigh a bit more than standard bookshelves, so if you use a bracket with less strength, it may not be able to support the pressure from the weight. For a live edge shelf, you should get brackets that can handle at least 50 lbs.

Make Holes in the Shelf for the Floating Brackets

Prior to mounting the brackets into the wall, you’ll need to run a drill bit through the back of your live edge shelf. Based on the size of your brackets, you’ll need to figure out where they will sit on the wall when mounted. You can then drill two holes through the back section of your shelf.

Hang Up Your Shelf

Once you’re sure your floating brackets are both secure, slide your shelf onto the bracket to hang it up. That’s all there is to it!

How to Hang a Live Edge Shelf FAQ

How thick should live edge shelves be?

A live edge shelf should be at least 1 1/2″ – 2″ thick. Any thinner and it may not support much weight.

How much weight can a floating shelf hold?

Your floating shelf can hold 50 lbs per stud. If you have a 2-foot shelf and it is attached to two studs, it can hold up to 100 lbs.

How many floating shelf brackets do I need?

For a live edge shelf, you’ll probably need two brackets to hold it up. You can also use L-brackets instead of floating brackets for more strength.

How do floating shelf brackets work?

Floating shelf brackets work by attaching to the wall and then sliding onto a track that you mount onto the back of your shelf. Once they’re both secured, it holds your shelf up to make it appear as if it’s floating!

Are floating shelves safe?

Yes, floating shelves are completely safe. They will not damage your wall or fall over since they attach to studs for support.

Closing on How to Hang a Live Edge Shelf

Adding a live edge shelf to your home is a great way to add natural beauty and style. With this easy tutorial, you can learn how to hang a live edge shelf with ease.

Make sure that you measure the space correctly and use brackets that are strong enough to support the weight. And if you have any other questions about how to hang a live edge shelf, feel free to reach out at any time.