How To Oil A Bamboo Cutting Board

Bamboo cutting boards are a great addition to any kitchen. They are strong, durable, and look great.

Oiling your bamboo cutting board regularly will keep it looking new and help it last longer. In this article, we’ll show you how to oil your bamboo cutting board properly.

You’ll learn how to prepare the board, apply the oil, let it set, and maintain it over time. With a few simple steps, you’ll have a bamboo cutting board that looks like new.

So let’s get started!

Preparing the Cutting Board

Preparing your cutting surface is essential for top-notch results, so let’s get started! Make sure that you have a clean and dry bamboo cutting board before oiling it.

Gently scrub the board with a damp cloth or sponge and a mild dish soap. Rinse it off with water and then dry it completely with a clean cloth.

Once the board is dry, you’re ready to start oiling.

Applying the Oil

Once you’ve got your supplies ready, take the rag and generously spread the liquid around the surface, making sure to get into all the nooks and crannies.

Move the rag around in a circular motion to ensure the oil is evenly dispersed.

Let the cutting board absorb the oil for about 10-15 minutes, then take another clean rag and wipe off any excess oil.

Don’t be afraid to use a bit more oil if necessary, as this’ll help keep the board in good condition.

Finally, after the oil’s had a chance to settle, you can enjoy its protective and nourishing properties.

Letting the Oil Set

Now that the liquid has been generously spread, let it sit for a few minutes so that it can really work its magic!

The oil should be left to sit for at least fifteen minutes, allowing it to seep into the wood and provide a protective coating against water and other elements.

After that time has elapsed, take a clean cloth or paper towel and wipe away any excess oil.

Doing this will not only get rid of any residual oil, but it will also help to bring out the beautiful grain of the wood.

Once the oil has been allowed to set, your cutting board is ready to use!

Maintaining the Cutting Board

After the protective coating of the wood has set, your beautiful creation is ready to be used – but don’t forget, with regular upkeep, it’ll last for years to come!

To maintain your bamboo cutting board, it’s important to oil it regularly. A mineral oil should be applied every one to two months, and more often if the board is in use frequently.

To oil the board, simply pour some oil onto the surface and spread it evenly with a cloth. Allow the oil to soak in for a few hours before wiping off any excess.

This will help keep the cutting board in great condition for years to come.


Now that your bamboo cutting board is oiled and ready to go, you can start using it for all your food prep needs!

Remember, it’s important to oil your cutting board every few months to keep it in top condition.

To keep your bamboo cutting board looking and working its best, it’s also a good idea to clean it with warm, soapy water after each use.

With a little bit of love and care, your bamboo cutting board will be a kitchen staple for years to come.

Good luck and happy cooking!

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