How to Price Out a Live Edge Slab

Wondering how to price out a live edge slab? You’ve come to the right place!

How to Price Out a Live Edge Slab

Having live edge slabs in your home can really enhance the look and feel of the space. Not only are they beautiful, but they also provide a natural and organic vibe that is unmatched by other materials.

If you’re considering purchasing a live edge slab for your home, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to price out a live edge slab so that you can get an accurate estimate of the total cost. Read on to learn more!

Pricing Out Live Edge Wood Slabs

Once you’ve found the size of the live edge slab that you like and want to purchase, the first step is to get an estimate on how much it will cost. The type of wood, the width of the wood, and the length of the wood are all important aspects to consider when determining the final cost of your live edge slab.

You may calculate a variety of board feet for the slab based on the measurements you’ve taken. A board foot is one square foot, one inch thick. The minimum thickness of a live edge slab is 3 inches, so multiply your tabletop’s square feet by 3 to get its total board feet.

Alternatively, a board foot contains 144 cubic inches. If you measure your live edge slab in inches, you may calculate the volume of your slab and divide it by 144 to obtain the board feet figure.

On average, a live edge slab costs about $20 per board foot. This is also determined by the type, quality, and width of your wood slab. The wider the slab, the more expensive it is.

Where Can You Find Live Edge Slabs?

Now that you’ve determined how much your live edge slab will cost, you’re probably wondering where to purchase one. Many local lumber yards and hardware stores sell these types of slabs and they can cut them down according to your measurements. Prices vary based on the size of the desired slab, so it’s best to shop around for a great deal.

If you buy from a reputable seller, you can rest assured that the wood slab will be high quality and you won’t have any issues with your purchase. You can also check out Craigslist or other local ads for live edge slabs at affordable prices.

A great way to find a reputable seller is through online reviews and testimonials from past customers. Be sure to do your homework before purchasing a live edge slab to ensure that you’ll get the best quality at an affordable cost.

How to Price Out a Live Edge Slab FAQ

How much is a slab of live edge wood?

Live edge wood slabs that have not been finished cost an average of $20 per board foot in today’s market.

Is live edge wood more expensive?

Yes, because it is one-of-a-kind and more time-consuming to produce, live edge wood is more expensive than standard wood. Because each slab is cut at the same length as the log, it cannot be produced in bulk.

How thick are live edge slabs?

The more thinly the wood is milled, the more likely it is to bow and twist. Live edge slabs should be at least three inches thick to compensate for anticipated changes in the wood during the drying process.

Closing on How to Price Out a Live Edge Slab

Live edge slabs are a beautiful way to add natural and organic character to your home. If you’re considering purchasing one, we’ve provided some helpful tips on how much they cost as well as where you can find them in the real world or online. We hope this guide has been useful!