how to remove soap scum from teak shower bench

How To Remove Soap Scum From Teak Shower Bench

Teak shower benches are a beautiful addition to any bathroom. They provide a natural and rustic look that can elevate the aesthetic of the room. However, with regular use, soap scum can build up on the teak wood, detracting from its natural beauty. If left untreated, this buildup can also affect the functionality of the bench, making it slippery and unsafe to use.

In this article, we will discuss how to remove soap scum from your teak shower bench, as well as some tips for preventing buildup in the future. By following these steps, you can ensure that your teak shower bench remains clean and safe for use, while also maintaining its natural beauty for years to come.

So, let’s dive in and learn how to properly care for your teak shower bench.

Gather the Necessary Materials

The first step in removing soap scum from a teak shower bench involves gathering the necessary materials in order to effectively and efficiently execute the cleaning process.

It is crucial to select the right cleaning solution to avoid damaging the teak wood. One effective solution is vinegar, which is a natural and safe option. To use vinegar, mix it with water in equal parts and pour the mixture into a spray bottle.

Additionally, you will need a scrub brush or sponge to apply the cleaning solution to the shower bench.

With these materials, you can successfully remove soap scum from your teak shower bench without causing any harm to the wood.

Clean the Teak Shower Bench

To maintain the pristine appearance of the wooden shower seat, it is essential to regularly clean the surface and sanitize it. Teak maintenance is crucial to ensure that your shower bench lasts for a long time.

Cleaning teak requires natural cleaning solutions that are gentle yet effective in removing soap scum and other stains. Before using any cleaning solution, make sure to wipe the surface clean with a dry cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that can damage the wood.

Instead, opt for natural cleaning solutions such as vinegar, lemon juice, or baking soda mixed with water. Apply the solution to the surface and scrub gently with a soft-bristled brush. Rinse thoroughly with water and dry the surface with a clean cloth.

Regular cleaning of your teak shower bench will help maintain its natural beauty and keep it looking new for years to come.

Preventing Soap Scum Buildup

Regular maintenance of the wooden shower seat is essential to prevent the accumulation of unsightly residue that can detract from the bench’s natural elegance.

Soap scum buildup can be prevented by wiping the bench down with a dry towel after each use to remove any excess water.

Additionally, using a squeegee to remove excess water after each shower can also help prevent soap scum buildup.

Another alternative cleaning method is to use a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar to wipe down the bench.

This solution can help break down soap scum and prevent future buildup.

By regularly maintaining the teak shower bench, it will not only prevent soap scum buildup but also prolong the lifespan of the bench.


Soap scum buildup on a teak shower bench can be unsightly and difficult to remove. To effectively remove soap scum, you will need a few materials such as vinegar, water, a soft-bristled brush, and a microfiber cloth.

Begin by mixing equal parts of water and vinegar to create a cleaning solution. Dip the soft-bristled brush into the solution and gently scrub the teak shower bench in circular motions, focusing on areas with visible soap scum buildup. Once you have thoroughly scrubbed the bench, use a microfiber cloth to wipe away any remaining cleaning solution.

To prevent soap scum buildup on your teak shower bench, consider using a squeegee to wipe down the bench after each shower. This will prevent water from sitting on the bench and creating a breeding ground for soap scum.

Additionally, using a shower cleaner specifically designed for teak wood can help to prevent soap scum buildup. By taking these preventative measures, you can keep your teak shower bench looking clean and beautiful for years to come.