How to Stain Acacia Wood

Wondering how to stain acacia wood? You’ve come to the right place!

Acacia wood furniture is beautiful. But sometimes, it lacks the hard and clear look that most other wood species offer. You can get around this problem by knowing how to stain acacia wood to give it the look you want.

Most people are probably wondering how to get a stain out of acacia wood. But that’s pretty easy too. A little bit of sandpaper can go a long way in removing a juice or wine stain!

However, if you’re looking to change the color of your acacia, you probably want to stain it. And this is possible, too.

While you face some unique challenges when working with such a hard and porous material, acacia stains well and is worth the time and effort. And knowing how to care for acacia wood furniture is equally essential!

Acacia wood is not stained in the same way you would stain pine or maple. It contains natural chemicals that repel water. So, if you use the wrong type of dye, it will do nothing but ruin your day.

If you want to go ahead and try your hand at staining acacia wood yourself, read on for some expert tips and techniques you can use to get the best results possible.

About How to Stain Acacia Wood

Acacia is a genus of shrubs and trees that, over the past few years, has become a common choice for flooring and furniture. This is because it is light in color, durable, and easy to machine. It stains well when you use the correct type of dye.

how to stain acacia wood with a cloth and oil

What You Need for Staining Acacia Wood

Before you learn how to stain acacia wood, you need to know the tools and products you should have on hand.

Acacia wood contains chemicals that repel water. This means you cannot get good results using the same type of dye and techniques that work on other types of wood, such as ash or maple.

Oil-based wood stains work best for acacia. This is because these stains penetrate deep into the wood to change its appearance.

Some people choose to use mineral spirits or another similar solvent to cut the oil. While this dilutes the oil, it increases the penetration offered.

How to Stain Acacia Wood FAQ

Can acacia wood be refinished?

Refinishing acacia is possible, but you need to sand the wood first. You should wait at least a day before starting your refinishing project to allow the oil to dry and harden.

Keep in mind, water-based stains will not work well on acacia wood because it has a high acid content. That means you must use an oil-based stain, preferably one designed specifically for acacia.

Can I re-stain acacia wood tables?

Yes, but only if the previous stain has been allowed to dry completely. You cannot apply fresh stain before removing the old stain because that simply won’t work. You should sand the top layer of your acacia wood furniture before applying a new stain coat.

How do I remove liquid stains from my acacia table?

The best way to remove liquid stains from acacia is sanding it until you can see the light wood below the stained surface. But be careful; you don’t want to form a noticeable indent in the wood.

You should also allow the wood to dry completely. Then, apply a fresh, oil-based stain coat to the wood using a brush.

Can you re-stain acacia wood floors?

As long as it’s cared for properly, this type of hardwood floor lasts for 50 to 100 years. This, of course, depends on its thickness.

If you’re looking to re-stain your acacia flooring, you’re in luck. This material can get sanded and refinished multiple times. And each time you work it, it’ll look new again.

Since acacia is a rather hardwood, it’s not so susceptible to damage. You don’t have to worry so much about scratches, dents, gouges, and other types of damage. And even if it does get damaged, it’s quite easy to bring it back to life.

What kind of oil is best for acacia wood?

Boiled linseed oil or tung oil is usually good for outdoor acacia wood furniture. This is good for oiling outdoor furnishings because it naturally dries.

Since acacia is sensitive to direct sunlight, you should use pigmented finishing oil. If you use transparent, you will not get the same UV protective properties with the pigmented finishing oil.

Does acacia wood change color?

Acacia wood can change color when it is exposed to light. It darkens over time, and this also affects the color of any stain you apply to it.

This type of wood should be protected from direct sunlight if you want to maintain its original color. If the sun bleaches the acacia’s surface, there is little you can do about it.

The best way to prevent your furniture from changing color, or to fix the color should it get changed, is to use a good-quality finish.

Concluding on How to Stain Acacia

Acacia wood is a type of hardwood that looks great when stained. But it has a tendency to repel liquids, so you must use the correct stain product and technique.

Acacia darkens over time, which can make it difficult to get an accurate color match on staining projects. That’s why many people choose to sand acacia surfaces before staining.

If you use the correct kind of oil-based stain and apply it properly, your acacia furniture should last for decades. It’s a great choice of wood if you’re looking to add value and beauty to your home.

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