How to Treat Acacia Wood

You own acacia wood furniture. But how to treat acacia wood to make it last?

If you have an Acacia wood table or piece of furniture, you may be wondering how to best care for it. Acacia is a beautiful, durable wood that withstands a lot of wear and tear, but it does need some special care.

Here are some tips on how to treat your Acacia wood furniture and keep it looking beautiful for years to come.

Use Acacia Wood Oil and Wax

Oils for furniture must be applied frequently, but the process is quite simple.

Oil treatments will restore Acacia’s sheen, seal the surface and protect it against staining by water or other liquids. It’s best to oil your Acacia furniture once a month, although you can do it more or less frequently if needed.

Furniture wax produces a more durable finish on high-use furniture (like tables) and considerably longer on items that serve a more ornamental purpose.

Wax treatments are great for protecting the wood from water stains and finger smudges. Just rub on a thin layer of wax with a clean cloth or paper towel, let dry, then buff to a shine.

Best Oil for Acacia Wood

Teak oil is a wonderful choice for acacia wood. However, acacia wood may also be treated with tung oil.

Begin by cleaning the furniture with a damp cloth to remove surface dust or grime. Make circular motions over the furniture with a clean towel, applying moderate pressure. For stubborn stains, use a clean sponge and mild soap water.

Apply teak oil to a clean, soft cloth. Rub the oil directly onto acacia wood furniture in the direction of the grain. Before applying oil, make sure the furniture is completely dry.

With a clean, medium-sized paintbrush or a cloth, apply one light layer of oil. Allow half an hour for the oil to permeate. Wipe off any excess teak oil with a clean towel. Make sure the surface of the patio furniture is covered in teak oil throughout.

Tung oil is a good choice for treating acacia wood, as it’s similar to teak oil but with less odor. Tung oil may be used to polish patio furniture made from acacia wood instead of teak oil.

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How to Treat Acacia Wood FAQ

Do you need to treat acacia wood?

Acacia wood, like most woods, does need some maintenance. However, with the appropriate treatment, your furniture will keep its rich color throughout the year.

How do I protect my acacia timber?

Acacia wood texture is also extremely fine and smooth, which makes it far more resistant to scratches than other woods. Taking the time to care for your outdoor furniture will safeguard your money. Wipe it down and cover it, then oil and wax it before summer.

How often should I oil my table?

If your dining table has a wax or oil finish, it will need continual care and you’ll have to check on it frequently. Depending on how often your table is used, this may be every 3-6 months.

Can acacia wood be sealed?

Acacia wood furniture should be sealed. Even though it is a tough wood, if left outside without careful maintenance, it may decay or be infested by insects. Whether you stain it, paint it, or give it a sheen isn’t important.

What’s the difference between tung oil and linseed oil?

Linseed oil has a yellow tint to it, whereas tung oil leaves a clear finish. Tung oil is harder and more durable than linseed oil. Linseed oil is less waterproof than tung oil. Both are derived from plants.

Concluding on How to Treat Acacia Wood

The best way to keep your furniture looking new and fresh is by taking the time to care for it. This involves knowing how to treat acacia wood to make it last for generations!

After reading this article, you should have a good idea of how to care for your acacia wood furniture.

As with all types of wood, Acacia should be wiped down on a regular basis with a damp cloth. Depending on the usage, you should apply oil or wax at least once every six months or annually.

Let us know if you have any questions about caring for your acacia furniture so we can help! And if you’re looking for more acacia wood furniture for your home or commercial space, feel free to contact us at any time!