Exotic Wood Grain Acacia Coffee Table


These Acacia Coffee Table designs are made to order and 100% customizable. Choose the table size, wood thickness, legs/base, and height to match your unique style.

Shipping Cost Estimate: $410 to $1,400+, depending on table size and final destination. Ordering more furniture minimizes shipping costs per piece.

**Price does not include arrival side fees or duties **

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Exotic Wood Grain Acacia Coffee Table

Acacia coffee tables with a traditional design for anyone interested in a clean aesthetic. Enhance your space with this stylish decor while maintaining a natural element in your home or office.

Our shop crafts these custom coffee tables to order. Order your own custom home furniture today and customize it the way you want it now!

Acacia Wood Grain Coffee Table Features

Don’t worry about the shipping! Our shop handles the shipping and logistics to ensure each piece arrives at its final destination safely!

We crate each of these items to ensure no change in condition before arrival. Our employees make sure each piece is ready for the long journey ahead!

Shipping takes some time, but each of these custom items is worth the wait! Whichever size you choose, you’ll have a magnificent piece to share with your family and friends.

Acacia Wood Materials

Acacia hardwood tables with rich wood grain and your choice of legs add a rustic touch to any decor. We have many sizes in stock, but each of these collectibles is made to order. Once you place your order and tell us what you need, our tools get to work!

Each piece is slightly unique due to the organic nature of acacia wood, making them truly one of a kind. We also have plenty of leg options to choose from, and you can order custom legs if you have certain styles you prefer.

Our legs are made using either steel or acacia wood. While custom legs add to the price, we craft them from raw materials to encourage a warm, stunning aesthetic unique to your space.

Lightweight Construction

Handmade acacia wood tables are lightweight and easy to move around as needed. But this furniture is still sturdy enough to maintain its structure over time.

Each piece is built with the utmost precision. We design them with our customers in mind, and they’re strong enough to support dining should the need arise.

In fact, our coffee tables are just as strong as our dining tables! The tabletops are made using the same wood, and the leg styles are capable of supporting plenty of weight.

Simple Maintenance

Acacias as hardwood have naturally occurring oils. To preserve the look of your wood grain acacia table, simply wipe it down with a dry cloth to remove dirt and grime.

This will also protect your furniture from damage caused by liquids or other spills. An occasional coat of oil-based furniture/floor polish can keep your tabletop gleaming as well!

Enhance Any Space

Whether this is a stand-alone furniture piece or you plan to have it sit atop some rugs surrounded by pillows, this is the furniture that will bring any room together! Think of this coffee table design as the centerpiece of the room.

While end tables and other products can enhance a space, each of these pieces goes beyond what’s typical of home decor. These tables are nothing short of stunning!

Exotic Hardwood Acacia Wood Grain

Our shop focuses primarily on this hardwood simply because of its luxurious aesthetic. While the price of this wood is higher than others, there’s no other material on the market today that offers such fine-grain details.

The golds and browns that make up this material are second to none. While shipping costs have gone up, the added cost is worth the price!

This material comes from Thailand and is known for its resistance to water and bug contact. If you’re shopping for acacia wood tables, you probably already know they’re known for withstanding the test of time, as well.

Benefits of Acacia Coffee Tables

While a variety of wood options exist, this material is some of the best, most sustainable on the planet! These trees grow impressively fast, ensuring we always have a supply of these beautiful exotic grain pieces.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

The Color

The color ranges from dark to light, with a slurry of gold and brown in the mix. Some might even have a bit of amber color!

[caption id="attachment_1282" align="alignnone" width="445"]48x48 Acacia Coffee Table Custom 48″x48″x3″ Straight Edge Acacia Wood Coffee Table[/caption]

48X48 Coffee Table in Acacia

The above table is a stunning 48X48 coffee table our shop created for a client in Boston. While we don’t have these in stock, we can recreate this piece if this is the size you need.

While larger coffee table designs are subject to availability, we’ll find the perfect piece for entertaining your guests. Whether you want several designs to sit on rugs in your lobbies or a single centerpiece to show in your home, a magnificent table of this size doesn’t even need accessories like pillows or rugs to enhance the aesthetic of your sites.

Coffee Table Assembly

Assembly is easy. But if you’re not handy, we can send someone out to your home to put it together.

For assembly purposes, we flat-pack every table. This decreases shipping costs and ensures each piece safely arrives at its final destination.

For those who need help with assembly, just let us know! We’ll find someone in your area to come out and put your table together for you!

Caring for Acacia Coffee Tables

You’ve purchased this decor. But what about caring for it?

After we create and ship furniture, we always recommend caring for it properly. With the right minimal efforts, this decor will last for generations.

Our shop designs furniture with longevity in mind. Whether its the decor itself or accessories, Tier 1 Furnishings focuses on the details that contribute to a long-lasting piece every time.

To clean your table, it only needs a quick wipe down with soft material. You can use a cleaner free of harsh chemicals, but we recommend using a little bit of dish soap and water.

Oiling the table should be done once or twice per year. This is how you’ll keep your furniture looking new. But make sure not to use too much or it might drip on your pillows or rugs!

Closing on Tier 1 Furnishings Coffee Tables

While we will not list the furniture we create on Wayfair LLC, you can contact our shop directly to have a custom table made. We also make matching mirrors (even though the mirrors might not be listed on-site just yet!).

Check our main menu out for more top deals. Our dining tables are nothing short of fabulous, and our other furniture options have a lot to offer, too!

We offer top deals and worldwide shipping, and we’ll handle the logistics to ensure each piece arrives safely to its final destination.

Looking for a customer service report? Check out our reviews on Google!

Need shopping assistance? We’re ready to help!

Our customer service open to suggestions. But we strive to provide the best in the biz! Feel free to contact us at any time for custom tables and other inquiries and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

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