Live Edge Acacia Log Coffee Table


These Live Edge Acacia Log Coffee Tables are customizable. So if you have height, width, or length specifications, we can custom craft these coffee tables to match your unique needs.

Shipping Cost Estimate: $410 to $1,400+, depending on table size and final destination. Ordering more furniture minimizes shipping costs per piece.

**Price does not include arrival side fees or duties **

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Log Coffee Table

Live Edge Acacia Log Coffee Tables are the perfect luxury farmhouse accessories for any space. The beauty found in nature is incredible, and when it’s as sustainable as naturally harvested Acacia wood, that’s even better.

Why Tier 1 Furnishings Log Furniture?

These Acacia Log Coffee Tables are handcrafted from some of the most sustainable forests on the planet. As masterpieces of nature, this log furniture brings Mother Nature’s designs straight into your space.

With deep colors and exotic wood grain perfectly preserved, this natural accent adds a level of outdoorsy sophistication to any room. The quality you can expect from us is second to none!

Each purchase of a log coffee table from Tier 1 Furnishings plants trees. Our mission is not only to provide incredible luxury furnishings to the world, but do so in the most sustainable way possible.

It’s not just about handcrafting solid wood log furniture; it’s about creating a legacy. This is what Tier 1 Furnishings stands for, and our mission is to handcraft high-quality furniture that brings generations together!

Coffee Tables for All Spaces

Coffee tables aren’t just for coffee; these low tables are designed for sitting areas, offering a convenient place to place drinks, magazines, books, decorative objects, and various other small items. Simply put, if the room has low seating, a log coffee table will bring it together in style.

Some like to pair the log coffee table with a live edge end table or two. But regardless of how you set the room, these coffee tables go the extra mile to offer a natural look that’s absolutely beautiful and timeless!

Thinking about enhancing your interior design with acacia? Check out our acacia dining tables now!

Log Furniture for Living Rooms

Your living room is where you host family, friends, and guests. The coffee tables in the room are essential to pulling together all different styles of decor. A log furniture low table is the perfect way to create an inviting living space that is perfectly suited for your lifestyle.

Imagine watching television, your fireplace blazing with one of our farmhouse-style coffee tables enhancing the room’s aesthetic. The warmth from the fire, combined with natural design of living wood, will make your space a cozy retreat from the world.

Log Furniture for Lobbies

Some go for good quality, but at Tier 1 Furnishings, we shoot for the moon! Each table is handcrafted to perfection, and all of our log furniture looks fantastic in lobbies.

Whether you need a log table for your waiting room or the lobby in your business, you’ll have a sturdy, beautiful table that will make every customer a happy customer! You do a great job on all the work you do, and the real wood furniture shows you go the extra mile to enhance your space.

Log Furniture for a Log Home

All log homes need log furniture to match, and if you’re looking through the options for coffee tables, our acacia wood log coffee table is always the right purchase!

Each log coffee table is unique, showcasing the exotic wood grain in a way that no other shop offers. Needless to say, we’re confident that you’ll be one happy customer, and if you need convincing, take a look at the real customer reviews we have on our site and Etsy!

Acacia log furniture in a log home makes sense, especially if you’re living in a heavily forested area. Each solid wood log coffee table offers a next-level aesthetic, and our craftsmen do a great job handcrafting this furniture to perfection. While you might be tempted to go to Woodland Creek for your log coffee table, you won’t find this exotic hardwood there!

The difference between Woodland Creek and Tier 1 Furnishings is our high-end solid wood tables are made using kiln-dried wood from the acacia tree. Instead of using the same wood used for your log home, you’re enhancing the interior with something new and exotic from abroad.

Sure, you can find solid wood furnishings elsewhere. But the pine and cedar logs you’ll find out in the country don’t offer the same level of beauty!

Other companies do a great job working with what they have. However, at Tier 1 Furnishings, we specialize in acacia occasional tables that never cease to amaze our customers and their guests!

Log Furniture for Second Homes

Considering log furniture for your second home? These occasional tables will make each trip special!

The actual price for this furniture? Priceless. But we managed to create a minimum advertised price that won’t break the bank.

We’re not the same as manufacturers you might find in China or India, and the quality shipped reflects that! Whether your focus is solely log furniture made from solid wood or you’d like end tables to enhance the aesthetic of your space, you can rest assured knowing that your purchase price reflects the quality of our craftsmanship!

Country Aesthetic for Modern Homes

Our log coffee tables are totally custom; we don’t have an assembly line full of purchased pieces being produced! Instead, we offer an awesome design that’s totally customizable. whether you want to add drawers like a dresser or something that will match the interior of your modern home, furniture crafted by Tier 1 Furnishings is customizable, and we’re always excited to breathe life into your dreams!

There’s nothing like looking at a piece you purchased knowing it was created and shipped overseas just for you. Each table we create is nothing short of amazing, and this includes everything, from our dining table designs to our custom end tables!

Solid Wood Acacia Log Coffee Tables

The Live Edge Acacia Coffee Table features exotic Acacia grain in a log design that’s totally unique to each piece. This is the essence of nature placed directly in your space, and the timeless look of this solid Acacia wood coffee table abandons modern designs for something more comfortable.

Whether you need a coffee table to host the big game or somewhere to rest your coffee as you read the morning news, the Live Edge Acacia Log Coffee Table is a unique furnishing that’s ready for use.

Acacia Better Than Teak Wood?

These coffee tables are handcrafted from solid Acacia wood before being sealed with lacquer. As a solid piece of exotic hardwood, these coffee tables are durable furnishings built to last for decades.

But are they better than Teak?

We sure think so! While Teak can go with the cabin aesthetic, we believe acacia tables are the ultimate compliment to any cabin space.

Make sure to check out this article about Teak vs Acacia Wood if you’re interested in learning more about the difference.

There’s just something about this wood grain that says luxury.

While other manufacturers choose to focus on pine, cedar, and other hardwoods for functional coffee table designs, we prefer to work with acacia. The wood grain is awesome, and while pine and cedar are nice for a cabin, if you’re really looking for a luxury piece, acacia will enhance the style.

Whether you choose to complement your log coffee table with end tables or not, the natural look of this wood has never failed to level up the style of any space. This, along with the sustainability aspect, is the reason why our shop focuses on acacia.

Get Log Furniture Now

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Looking for custom end tables to match your living room style? Let us know and we’ll send over a price to make it happen!

If you need acacia dining chairs, we have a fantastic collection, too! Everything we create in this shop is totally customizable, and if you have an idea for something new you’d like to make, we’re ready to take that request and make you one happy customer!

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Dimensions 60 × 100 × 45 in

31", 39", 47", 60”