What Does Live Edge Mean?

What does live edge mean, anyway?

What Does Live Edge Mean

Live edge is commonly used to describe a piece of furniture or décor that features an exposed edge of the wood, where the natural curvature of the tree trunk is left untouched.

The look is popular among those who appreciate rustic, natural style. If you’re looking to add a touch of live edge charm to your home, check out these stylish pieces.

Live Edge Wood Table

The live-edge wood table is a timeless heirloom piece that always seems to impress. The rustic look of the open, unrefined edge remains an inviting and versatile choice for any home.

Live edge slabs retain the natural elements of wood, including visual knots and grooves. Because no two pieces of live edge furniture are alike, each live edge wood table is unique.

A live edge dining table is a handsome centerpiece for rustic and contemporary décor styles. After all, when it comes to dining spaces, there’s nothing quite like the look of natural wood in its most unrefined form.

Sometimes, live edge tables are constructed from split logs that have been filled with resins to form a “river” between the two live edge sides.

How to Care For Your Live Edge Furniture

Of course, because live edge tables are made from natural wood, they require special care to keep the surface looking its best. In order to maintain a consistent appearance and resist scratching, spills should be wiped up immediately.

Additionally, dust and dirt can mar the surface over time. Dust it with microfiber towels and use a soft brush for stubborn dirt. A solution of mild dish soap and water is the preferred method for cleaning wood, as it preserves the color and texture of the wood without stripping away necessary oils or waxes.

To keep your furniture in beautiful condition, consider using a wood conditioner before applying a protective polyurethane coat. This will keep the wood in great condition and help it resist moisture.

What Does Live Edge Mean FAQ

Why is it called live edge?

The term “live edge” refers to wood that has not been modified in any way, leaving the tree’s edges untouched.

What is considered live edge?

Natural edge furniture is made using the wood’s natural curves. Some artists fill the natural voids and fissures in the wood with resins, while others do not.

Why is live edge so popular?

Live edge tables are among the most popular tables available because they’re not only sturdy but also stunning. The rugged beauty of these live edge tables is just one of the many reasons why they’re so sought-after.

Do live edge tables warp?

Thinner wood is more likely to warp and twist when it is turned into a live edge table. This is because the thinner the wood, the less moisture it can hold. A reputable sawmill should only mill live edge slabs that are at least three inches thick in order to account for the moisture that will be lost during the drying process.

Closing on What Does Live Edge Mean

If you’re looking for a unique and classic look, live edge furniture is a perfect choice. With its natural rustic appearance, this type of furniture will always impress guests.

With its natural rustic appearance, this type of furniture will add a touch of sophistication to any space. Live edge furniture is a great option that won’t go out of style.