What Is Live Edge Wood?

What is live edge wood, anyway? This stylish aesthetic has actually been used in homes and commercial settings for hundreds, if not thousands, of years!

What Is Live Edge Wood

Looking for a unique and stylish piece of furniture that will set your home apart from the rest? Check out live edge wood! This natural and raw material is perfect for adding an organic touch to any space.

Read on to learn more about what live edge wood is and how you can use it in your home.

What Is Live Edge Wood and Where Does It Come From?

Live edge wood is a form of wood with natural edges. It never goes out of style and enhances the aesthetic of nearly any space with ease.

Live edge slabs preserve the raw, rustic elements of wood, including visible knots and grooves. Because the tree from which the wood was cut remained unaltered, no two pieces of live edge furniture are identical.

These natural-looking woods appeal to rustic and modern design fans since they have a natural beauty that adds character.

Live edge wood is also used in a variety of woodwork. Coffee table tops, dining tabletops, countertops, bar tops, headboards, cutting boards, kitchen islands, shelving, end tables, desks, and benches are just a few examples.

How to Cut Live Edge Wood

Many woodworkers find cutting live edge slabs to be an art. Nothing makes you happier than creating a live edge dining room table for someone or for yourself that will last them a lifetime. However, skilled and DIYers alike are becoming more interested in DIY live edge slab milling.

To accomplish this, you’ll need a chainsaw sawmill. A DIY mill might cost as little as $30 to construct, while a professional slab mill can cost thousands of dollars.

A chainsaw mill allows you to cut your own live edge slabs, including custom designs. You can then use these pieces for all sorts of projects, including making custom furniture.

Pre-Cut Live Edge Slabs

Live edge slabs are not inexpensive to cut. This generally necessitates machinery that many woodworkers don’t possess, such as a chainsaw mill, flattener, and more.

If you’d rather buy live edge slabs instead of purchasing the equipment required, simply search for a reputable lumber dealer or woodworking supplier. You’ll find elegant slabs of live edge maple, walnut, cherry, acacia, and more.

What Is Live Edge Wood FAQ

Why is it called live edge wood?

The term “live edge” refers to keeping the natural vitality of wood and leaving the tree’s edges unaltered.

What is considered live edge wood?

Natural edge style furniture is made with the natural ridges and cracks of the wood. Some artists fill the natural gaps and cracks in the wood with resins, while others leave them as is.

Why is live edge wood expensive?

Because live edge items are so time-consuming to produce, they are more costly than standard cuts of wood. They can’t be produced in bulk since each slab is cut at the same length as the log. Every live edge item is distinct, combining beauty with usefulness.

Should I take the bark off live edge wood?

The bark will peel away from the slab over time, regardless of what you do. This might imply that you’ll have to clean it once a week. You may also sand down the live edge to make it less sharp and feel more smooth.

Closing on What Is Live Edge Wood

Live edge wood refers to a type of wood with natural edges. Slabs produced from live edge wood have visible knots, grain, and burrs or burls, much as the original piece of wood. It can be used in furniture or other items such as coffee tables, dining table tops, headboards, cutting boards, kitchen islands, shelving, and more.

You can purchase pre-cut live edge slabs from lumber suppliers, sawmills, and other retailers. Live edge slabs tend to be more costly because they are works of art and require extra attention, but the price is worth the beauty!

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