What Is the Best Hardwood Floor?

What is the best hardwood floor, anyways? The best hardwood flooring is a matter of personal preference.

What Is the Best Hardwood Floor

Some people prefer the classic look of oak, while others prefer the more modern look of maple. There are also different finishes to choose from, such as unfinished, pre-finished, or engineered. By the end of this guide, you should have a better idea of what to look for in a hardwood floor. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the best hardwood floor for your home.

Different Types of Hardwood Floors in House

There are four main types of hardwood floors: solid, engineered, laminate, and bamboo.

Solid hardwood is the most popular type of hardwood flooring. It is made from a single piece of wood and can be sanded and refinished several times.

Engineered hardwood is made from multiple layers of wood that are bonded together. It is less likely to warp or cup than solid hardwood, but it can still be refinished.

Laminate hardwood is made from a photo of wood that is laminated to a particle board.

Bamboo hardwood is made from bamboo grass that has been processed into boards. This material is a sustainable resource and is nearly as strong as oak. It’s actually one of the strongest materials available for use as hardwood flooring.

Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is the most popular type of hardwood flooring. It is made from a single piece of wood and can be sanded and refinished several times. 

However, solid wood flooring is also the most expensive type of hardwood flooring.

It can be damaged by water and is not as stable as engineered wood flooring. Although when it comes to looks, solid wood can’t be beaten. Other than that, engineered wood is a better choice if you’re looking for hardwood flooring.

Hardwood Floor Installation Information

Hardwood floors can be installed over concrete, plywood, and OSB subfloors. The subfloor must be clean, dry, and level. If you are installing hardwood floors over a concrete subfloor, you will need to use a vapor barrier.

A vapor barrier is a sheet of plastic that helps to prevent moisture from coming up through the concrete and damaging the hardwood floors.

You can install hardwood floors yourself, but it is a difficult project. It is best to hire a professional to install your hardwood floors.

When installing hardwood floors, you will need to choose the right direction to lay the boards. The most popular direction to lay hardwood floors is perpendicular to the floor joists. This will make the floor stronger and less likely to squeak.

Hardwood Flooring Prices

The cost of hardwood floors varies depending on the type of wood, the thickness of the boards, and the finish. Unfinished hardwood flooring is the cheapest type of hardwood flooring.

Pre-finished hardwood flooring is more expensive, but it is easier to install and doesn’t require sanding or finishing. Engineered hardwood flooring is the most expensive type of hardwood flooring.

Ultimately, the prices will vary in accordance with the company performing the install and the material. The best way to find out more about hardwood flooring prices is to ask around and get some quotes from professionals.

Closing on Hardwood Floor Options

In case you want to install hardwood floors in your house, remember to take into consideration all the factors we have listed. With this guide, you’ll have a bit more insight than the average person looking at hardwood floor options.

Other than that, feel free to experiment with different types of hardwood floors to see what works best for you and your home. Also, don’t forget that the installation process is very important and you should consider hiring a professional to do it for you if you’re unfamiliar with how to install hardwood flooring.

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