What Type of Wood is Acacia?

As acacia becomes increasingly popular globally, many find themselves wondering, “What type of wood is acacia?”

Well, this all depends on the region the acacia was grown. But in some areas, it’s known as Asian Walnut.

In this article, we discuss what type of is wood acacia and other common questions about it.

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Acacia Wood Regions

Some acacia is grown in the Middle East and Asia. This type of acacia is known as pharaoh’s tamarind or Egyptian myrobalan, and this fruit tree is native to Africa.

Other acacia trees are found throughout Australia and South America. This type of acacia is known as Acacia nilotica, and it’s the common “acacia” that most people are familiar with. This is also called the gum tree.

There are also many other types of acacias growing throughout Africa, Asia, Australia, and America. Each region has its own types of acacias that have unique characteristics based on soil composition, rainfall, and climate.

Acacia Wood Properties

When looking at the many types of acacias, it’s clear that these trees have a wide range of features.

In terms of hardness, acacia is about a medium on the range from soft to hard. Its density is around 0.75 when dried over time – which makes it lighter wood in general.

The golden exotic wood grain makes this hardwood highly desirable. And we’re seeing a global upward trend for this luxurious wood.

What Type of Wood is Acacia FAQ

So, what type of wood is acacia, anyway?

The following is a list of some of the most common questions we’ve been asked about acacia. If you have anything you think we missed, feel free to reach out!

Is acacia a hardwood or softwood?

Acacia is a hardwood. In fact, this wood is harder than some of the most popular hardwoods on the market.

However, equally important to note is that while acacia is hardwood, it’s also quite light. Compared to other hardwoods, it’s lighter because the moisture is pulled from the wood.

Is acacia wood a good flooring hardwood?

Yes, it’s used to make luxury flooring in homes and buildings around the world. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Acacia hardwood flooring is made by sanding down the logs to reveal the golden color.

Just like our acacia furniture, this wood flooring is very durable, which makes it a fantastic choice for heavy traffic areas like hallways and staircases. It can even be used as exterior flooring – making this one of the few kinds of wood that are suitable to use both indoors

What type of timber is acacia?

Acacia timber comes from a type of acacia tree. Most of the time, this wood is in the form of boards. But it can also be found in beams and planks when sold in some shops.

We carry acacia wood slabs for table construction. However, we also have beams and planks that allow us to craft more versatile furniture like acacia dining tables and chairs, coffee tables, benches, and more.

Is acacia an expensive wood?

Acacia can be cheap or expensive. But ultimately, cheap acacia wood doesn’t offer the same level of luxury or quality.

Cheap acacia wood doesn’t have the same golden shine as the pricier pieces. And if you’re looking for a massive slab table in excess of nine feet long, you should expect to pay top dollar for it.

Custom acacia wood furniture can get rather pricey, too. This stuff is made to order, and most of the time, we’ll go out and find the perfect pieces of wood to fit your home or commercial operation.

Is acacia wood real wood?

Yes, acacia wood is real wood. While you might have seen it appear in Minecraft, this wood is quite real and absolutely stunning!

Acacia wood is appearing in homes and commercial operations throughout the world. Even though it’s featured in the Minecraft game, this forest isn’t a forest at all. It’s the name of a tree that grows in multiple regions around the world.

Is acacia easy to work with wood?

Yes, acacia is easy to work with because it doesn’t swell or shrink as much as most other woods. This makes it very stable and easy to craft with.

Acacia wood is a lot more forgiving than some of the other hardwoods on the market. However, this might not be true for all types of acacias – we’ve worked with some varieties which are easier to work with and others that aren’t as easy.

Concluding on Acacia Wood

Acacia wood is both beautiful and durable. It can be used for residential or commercial applications, including hardwood flooring. This golden-colored hardwood is really striking in the right setting.

Whether you’re looking to craft custom furniture like acacia dining chairs, build your backyard deck with acacia wood planks, or choose acacia wood for your next hardwood flooring project, this golden hardwood is a fantastic choice!

Now that you know what type of wood acacia is, you can make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase furniture and flooring. Feel free to contact us at any time with custom project inquiries or questions!

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