Why Are Live Edge Slabs So Expensive?

Why are live edge slabs so expensive, anyway? Isn’t it less work to keep the wood’s natural edge?

Why Are Live Edge Slabs So Expensive

It’s no secret that live edge slabs are among the most sought-after pieces of woodworking. The natural curves and lines of the wood add a touch of elegance and character to any room.

But what makes these slabs so expensive? Let’s take a look at some of the factors that drive up the cost.

What Are Live Edge Slabs?

Live edge wood furniture is made from natural wood boards. Generally speaking, this can include various types of custom furniture, such as tables, headboards, wall decorations, and so on. Because the natural curves of the wood produce very distinctive patterns for each item, live edge components are becoming increasingly popular.

Since each tree grows in its own way, no two live edge pieces are ever precisely the same. This means that most live edge wood furnishings are completely unique, which makes them desirable for enhancing space aesthetics in a way that captivates guests.

Why Are Natural Edge Slabs So Expensive?

Expert artisans make handcrafted wood tables with a live edge. After getting the live edge slabs, they need to be sanded and finished by hand. Because it necessitates a high degree of skill, perseverance, and passion, this process is both time-consuming and difficult.

These live edge slabs are difficult to mass produce since they must be handled manually from beginning to end, resulting in a high-cost product that requires a lot of labor hours. Thus, these slabs are more costly to reflect the time and manual labor involved.

Expensive Live Edge Wood Slab Table Designs

If you want to purchase a live edge table, then prepare yourself – this furniture is typically very expensive. A simple coffee table with a smooth surface and no fancy designs can cost as much as $5,000 or more, depending on the size. However, more complex pieces with curves and interesting designs are exponentially more expensive.

Live edge wood slab dining tables can be even pricier. The minimum you should expect to spend on one of these tables is $2,000. But they can be $20,000 or more if it’s a massive piece of furniture that seats 12+ people.

Why Are Live Edge Slabs So Expensive FAQ

Why is a wood slab so expensive?

In short, a live edge slab is expensive because it takes a lot of time and effort to make. Live edge pieces are more difficult to make than you might think. A log must be cut, sanded, shaped, finished with natural oil or stain, and sealed – all by hand. That’s not something that can be done overnight and the process isn’t easily scalable!

How are live edge slabs priced?

The average price for unfinished live edge wood slabs, for example, is $20 per board foot, which is a wholesale price in today’s market.

Do live edge tables warp?

The thicker the wood is milled, the less chance there is that your live-edge table will warp and fold. To compensate for foreseeable changes in wood during drying, we recommend using live-edge slabs at least three inches thick for table designs.

Closing on Why Are Live Edge Slabs So Expensive

As you can see, various factors contribute to the high cost of live edge slabs. Expert craftsmanship is essential, as is the use of premium materials. Furthermore, due to the time-consuming and difficult nature of handcrafting these items, there are a limited number of artisans who can produce them to the level of quality we expect.

These factors combine to make live edge slabs both expensive and highly desirable. Perhaps you aren’t ready to consider making a purchase at this time, but you certainly have a better understanding of why these items cost so much!

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