Sled Coffee Table Featuring Live Edge Acacia


These Live Edge Acacia Sled Coffee Tables are customizable. So if you have height, width, or length specifications, we can custom craft these coffee tables to match your unique needs.

Shipping Cost Estimate: $410 to $1,400+, depending on table size and final destination. Ordering more furniture minimizes shipping costs per piece.

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Live Edge Acacia Sled Coffee Tables are the perfect centerpiece furnishing for any space. The beauty found in nature is incredible, and when it’s as sustainable as naturally harvested Acacia wood with a modern twist, that’s even more appealing.

These Live Edge Acacia Sled Coffee Tables are handcrafted from wood extracted from some of the most sustainable forests on the planet. As masterpieces of nature, Acacia wood designs infuse style straight into your space.

Showcasing the deep colors and exotic wood grain perfectly preserved, this natural yet modern accent adds a level of impressive sophistication to any room. Make sure to view all of our acacia coffee table designs.

Coffee tables aren’t only for coffee; these low tables are expertly designed for sitting areas, providing a convenient place for drinks, magazines, books, decorative objects, and a variety of other small items. Our belief is that if the room has low seating, the right coffee table will bring it together.

sled coffee table in acacia

The Live Edge Acacia Sled Coffee Table features a modern design with exotic Acacia grain that’s unique to each piece. This is the essence of nature placed directly in your space, and the timeless look of this modern solid Acacia wood and steel leg coffee table abandons the rustic aesthetic for something more present. Whether you need a stunning coffee table to host the big game or a spot to rest your coffee as you read the morning paper, the Live Edge Acacia Sled Coffee Table is a unique furnishing that’s ready to upgrade your space.

sled coffee table using acacia wood and steel

These coffee tables are handcrafted from solid Acacia wood before being sealed with lacquer. As a solid piece of exotic hardwood, these coffee tables are durable furnishings built to last for decades.

Each of these coffee tables is handcrafted using high-quality acacia hardwood. Rather than using a concrete base material or marble, we use elegant acacia to craft all of our coffee table designs.

This is a modern coffee table featuring a rustic design that goes beyond simple manufactured wood. So, if you’re looking for a coffee table to ‘wow’ your guests, Tier 1 Furnishings is ready to make it happen!

acacia wood and steel sled coffee table

What is a Sled Coffee Table?

These Tier 1 Furnishings coffee tables offer a modern design that features a simple and rustic feel. Unlike other modern coffee tables, this design features straight lines and angles to give a sled or toboggan-like appearance.

This is a trendy furniture item, and we’ve crafted multiple designs to meet the demand for shoppers looking for unique furniture items.

If you have another practical coffee table design in mind, feel free to contact us! We love crafting new designs and are eager for the opportunity to prepare the versatile coffee table of your dreams!

What Goes into an Acacia Sled Coffee Furnishing?

Each coffee table uses hand-selected acacia wood. We choose the base material solid wood acacia over walnut base material because of the exotic wood grain.

This offers the luxurious feel that no other wood species provides.

We keep the solid wood level, ensuring each sit-down is a pleasure. This modern coffee table design allows us to craft the perfect living room table for entertaining.

Solid Wood Base Material

Each rectangular coffee table uses top material, solid wood acacia and steel. The wood species is world-renowned for its luxurious aesthetic. And for anyone looking to add a rustic yet modern style to their home or a commercial operation, acacia is the answer.

The coffee table offers solid wood base material that’s durable. We ensure the wood strength and durability by using an acacia wood species as opposed to manufactured wood.

This solid wood withstands the test of time. And while it does require some reasonable care, these sled coffee tables are built to last!

We refuse to use manufactured wood particleboards or low-quality wood species to craft these sled coffee tables. This is because our mission is to make coffee tables for generations to sit around.

All in all, the choice for a solid wood base material composed of acacia is an easy choice. We know it’s pricier than manufactured wood particleboards, but no other wood species offers this level of luxury.

A Top Material Solid Wood Leg

As you can see, we love acacia wood. Rather than using manufactured wood particleboards to craft our tables, we use solid wood from the acacia tree.

Each coffee table has a solid wood leg made from acacia. This wood is second to none in our books, and the luxury it offers makes it much more robust than the run-of-the-mill manufactured wood base material.

So, if you’re looking for a solid wood base material, you’ve found it with Tier 1 Furnishings. Acacia is by far better than the manufactured wood options we’ve seen.

For coffee table construction you can feel confident in, the top material, solid wood acacia we offer is what you deserve. The solid wood level ensures longevity, especially compared to manufactured wood.

While our solid wood from the acacia tree is durable, it’s not as strong as the steel we use for the other leg! But keep in mind, this solid wood number will last for generations!

A Hand-forged Steel Leg

Instead of using a concrete base material, we choose to use hand-forged steel for the legs. These coffee tables are durable!

While we can use solid wood to craft the leg on these coffee tables, we usually like to use the steel leg option. This allows our sled coffee tables a more modern style. But if you’re looking for a top material, solid wood acacia option, we can accommodate!

However, if you’re looking for manufactured wood particleboard coffee tables, you’ll need to go elsewhere! We use the acacia wood species for high-quality solid wood because of its exotic wood grain!

Solid Wood Base Material vs Manufactured Wood Base Material

Solid wood base material is a top material, solid wood. Rather than using dainty particleboards, we use acacia to create our furnishings. Manufactured wood simply isn’t strong enough to make a top material, solid wood piece.

Manufactured wood isn’t as durable. This is why we refuse to use manufactured wood base material.

We’re crafting our designs using base material, solid wood because we can feel confident in the quality of our coffee table designs. Manufactured wood base material just won’t cut it!

Other Materials Used for These Coffee Tables

Besides manufactured wood base material, some luxury brands will use genuine marble base material. But top material, solid wood acacia is the top of the line material.

Faux marble base material is also common in this industry. Let’s just say it doesn’t meet the standards of our top material, solid wood!

The standard acrylic base material is quite durable. But it’s not as beautiful as the top material, solid wood acacia bases we create. While it’s more durable than engineered wood particleboards and other manufactured wood base material, but it’s still acrylic at the end of the day.

Some brands will use tempered glass base material to craft a coffee table. While this offers a beautiful aesthetic, it’s the same material used for hurricane windows!

Solid mango wood is another option. But you will not find the same exotic acacia wood grain in this mango material solid wood base.

Top material manufactured wood exists. For example, oak base material is quite nice. But if a table features this material solid wood base, it’s likely going to be even pricier than the base material solid wood acacia we’re using.

Natural materials that are strong are usually the best option. This is why we recommend acacia. But oak base material also offers a solid wood number.

We recommend base material solid wood for coffee table designs. But if you have to make a choice between tempered glass base material and manufactured wood base material for your coffee table, tempered glass is usually the best option.

Number of Tables Included in a Shipment

The number of tables included in each shipment depends on your goals. For instance, if you’re operating a business, the number of tables included will likely be higher.

However, equally important to consider is the number of tables included in your home. If you have a number of tables included in several homes on your order, the number of tables included in your shipment will probably be higher.

Before you place your order, consider how many tables you need. And remember, we use top material, solid wood acacia in the construction of each coffee table!

Shipping is costly, especially on a per-piece basis. But if the number of tables included in your shipment is enough to fill a container, the cost per piece goes down.

Custom Coffee Table Designs by Tier 1

Looking for a custom coffee table design? Tier 1 Furnishings is ready to make it happen!

Our luxurious coffee table designs use base material solid wood acacia and steel. And this, combined with a steel leg, ensures quality craftsmanship you and your guests will enjoy for generations to come!

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Dimensions 60 × 120 × 45 in

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