Live Edge Acacia Coffee Table


These Acacia Live Edge Coffee Tables are made to order and 100% customizable. Choose the table size, wood thickness, legs/base, and height to match your unique style.

Shipping Cost Estimate: $200 to $1,400+, depending on table size and final destination. Ordering more furniture minimizes shipping costs per piece.

**Price does not include arrival side fees or duties **

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Live Edge Acacia Coffee Table

Have you been shopping from site to site, looking for the perfect live edge coffee table to add a bit of luxury to your home or business? Well, your search for the perfect country-style coffee table is over!

These solid acacia wood coffee tables feature stunning live edges. To highlight the natural characteristics of this exotic hardwood, our shop smooths each piece to perfection, allowing the exotic wood grain variations to stand out.

While you may be able to find similar items elsewhere, our shop is the only shop that specializes in acacia wood. We love acacia, and if you’re looking for the perfect live edge piece to complement your home or commercial space, we’re eager to help!

Our experience shopping and working with acacia wood ensures you get the best price on your custom coffee tables. We also shop for the best prices for shipping, so feel free to shop our site knowing you’ll receive the best price possible on shipping!

While similar items handcrafted from other woods are quite common, our clients request acacia wood by name. This is because the wood grain offers a next-level luxurious aesthetic with a live edge that never ceases to satisfy!

Keep reading to learn more about these solid acacia wood live edge coffee tables!

Tier 1 Furnishings’ Acacia Wood

Our acacia wood is sustainably sourced from The Land of Smiles (Thailand). Each piece is hand-selected before being handcrafted into the beautiful live edge styles we offer.

India is also known for acacia wood. However, we’ve found that Thai acacia wood is of better quality than the wood from India, and we have more control over the drying process here.

As a company, Tier 1 Furnishings values the customers and sellers it serves. However, our shop also places emphasis on creating sturdy, handcrafted live edge furnishings that bring generations together.

Besides the quality, we also value the planet. While we’re using live edge acacia wood to craft each piece, we ensure all wood is sustainably gathered and go the extra mile to guarantee environmental longevity by donating to plant trees with each purchase. This is how we offset our carbon footprint and give back to a world that’s given us so much!

What is Live Edge?

Each customer has the option to choose between traditional edges and live edge for their custom coffee tables. But what’s a live edge?

A live edge table leaves the natural edge of the wood in place. This country aesthetic enhances the beauty a table offers and brings any room together with next-level style. But it’s also excellent for company waiting rooms or lobbies!

Most commonly, the furniture style most in demand is our live edge acacia wood dining table sets. But for those who want something live edge in their living room, our coffee tables are second to none!

Natural Edge Acacia Coffee Table Benefits

Solid Acacia Wood Coffee Table Options

While the coffee table pictured above is beautiful, we have options to appeal to any customer! Our shop also focuses on making 100% custom pieces. So, if a customer has something in mind, our shop is ready to bring that idea to life!

Here are a few of our most common options. But we can custom craft more than what’s featured on our site.

Each piece is 100% unique, and we’ll send pictures of the acacia wood we have available in our shop. If you don’t see styles of acacia wood you like, we’ll keep searching until we find something you’re in love with!

live edge acacia coffee table

Round Acacia Live Edge Coffee Tables

Our round live edge coffee tables take the natural shape of the acacia slab to craft something beautiful. These are what luxury home interior designers are always on the search for, and some people also call them “cookie tables” because of their shape.

On the search for a coffee table worth the price? Your search is over!

No other brand is making these round live edge coffee tables, and we have plenty of acacia wood in stock to serve these up like beautiful hot cakes! Even though they’re known as cookie tables, you won’t want to dip these in milk any time soon!

live edge acacia coffee table with glass

Acacia Live Edge & Glass Coffee Tables

Similar technologies used to blow custom glass pieces are also used for these handcrafted pieces. These coffee tables are perfect for any customer who loves customizations specifically made for a unique piece.

To create these acacia live edge and glass coffee tables, we find special acacia slabs with natural holes from the tree. Then, we create a unique hand-blown glass insert to allow the customer to see through the table.

Needless to say, with a few variations available and the ability to customize, these complement any home aesthetic, and all of our customers love this item!

live edge acacia sled coffee table

Live Edge Acacia Sled Coffee Tables

Our live edge acacia sled coffee tables offer a unique aesthetic everyone loves. These feature a modern design with exotic Acacia grain that’s unique to each piece. This is the essence of nature placed directly in your space, and the timeless look of this modern solid Acacia wood and steel leg coffee table abandons the rustic aesthetic for something more present.

Whether you need a stunning coffee table to host the big game or a spot to rest your coffee as you read the morning paper, the Live Edge Acacia Sled Coffee Table is a unique furnishing that’s ready to upgrade your space.

acacia log coffee table

Live Edge Acacia Log Coffee Tables

Live edge log coffee tables offer a natural wood aesthetic perfect for nature lovers! Money spent on luxurious acacia log tables is always well-spent!

Whether you’re looking to level up your cabin or make your lobby look cool with a tree-like look, don’t wait on these beautiful tables!

straight edge acacia coffee table

Straight Edge Acacia Coffee Tables

For those who love the traditional look, our straight edge coffee tables bypass the live edge for a modern aesthetic. We have several styles available, and the price is reasonable when considering the exotic hardwood we use!

You’re in control of the details, allowing you to customize your straight edge coffee table without hesitation. We aim to serve our customers the best, most luxurious, long-lasting furniture for home and commercial use.

Yes, this will become an heirloom. So, if you search for furnishings generations can enjoy, we’re ready to make the delivery happen!

About Our Live Edge Coffee Table Options

This particular coffee table has been designed using one large, solid acacia board. The legs are also made from solid acacia wood, allowing a smooth-flowing aesthetic that no other brand or company offers. But we also have hand-forged iron legs available.

We can also custom-craft anything you need. Whether this means you want a custom shape, custom legs, or custom dimensions, Tier 1 Furnishings is ready to become your connect for something special!

Delivery Services

Our prices do not always include shipping. However, if you’re purchasing more than one piece from us, we can minimize the cost of shipping per piece.

As dedicated sellers and craftsmen, we’re always looking to give our customers the best prices on delivery. This means we handle the loading, ship it on your behalf, and help with every aspect of the delivery process after checkout.

We ship by sea. However, if you’re willing to pay the price, we can airfreight your coffee table, too. We recommend loading these flat-packed coffee tables onto the ship and shipping them to the port nearest your home.

Once your package arrives at the port, we can help you arrange for a local shipper to come to pick it up. If you would rather not worry about assembly upon arrival, we can also look through local furniture assembler recommendations to make the entire process as easy as possible.

While we can do door-to-door delivery, the price is quite expensive when taking recommendations from our Thailand-based shipper. This is why we recommend having the item shipped to the port nearest your home and finding a local shipper to deliver it. However, you can always use a DOT-licensed truck to pick the item up from the port yourself to minimize the cost of shipping these products.

What are you waiting for? This is your invitation to work with Tier 1 Furnishings on the custom coffee table for your home or commercial operation.

Contact us now if you’d like a custom price for your next project. And if you’re like to speak with us about what’s involved in having these products produced and shipped, we’re ready to hop on a call!

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