Acacia Live Edge Dining Table


Our Live Edge Acacia Wood Dining Tables are 100% customizable. Choose from the table sizes below. You’ll choose the wood thickness, legs/base, and height later.

Shipping Cost Estimate: $400 to $1400+, depending on table size and final destination. Ordering more furniture minimizes shipping costs per piece.

**Price does not include arrival side fees or duties **

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Acacia Live Edge Dining Table

Solid acacia wood is the choice material for luxury dining tables globally. Whether you’re looking for something outstanding for your dining room or want to enhance another space with this natural beauty, our acacia live edge dining tables transform solid wood into heirloom quality furniture. Each solid acacia wood table is handcrafted to your specifications. Our expert craftsmen will take your measurements, dimensions, and customization request to perfect craft a sturdy table using natural materials.

Each solid table has the option for hand-forged metal legs or solid acacia wood legs. Regardless of if you want wood or metal legs, our skilled artisans will create stunningly unique furniture pieces for your space.

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Solid Acacia Wood Features

Above the acacia wood legs or sleek iron base, the acacia wood top sits as the stat of this furniture. The live edge table features natural beauty with an exotic wood grain that’s second to none.

But what is it about an acacia wood top that’s so appealing?

Here’s what you can expect when you purchase a live edge dining table made from solid acacia wood:

acacia live edge dining table for Kojo

Unbeatable Organic Beauty

Each of our raw edge dining tables exhibit the unique personality of the acacia tree. Whether you want a table top with an eye-catching twist or a sleek and smooth look, we’ll follow your preferences to create the perfect live edge dining table for your home out of solid wood.

acacia live edge restaurant tables

Raw Edge Dining Tables: Durable for Everyday Life

Acacia is one of those woods that’s ideal for heavy use spaces like dining rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and even conference rooms. The wood is sturdy enough for regular use but also requires little maintenance.

It’s on the hardwood chart with other popular hardwoods like teak, mahogany, walnut, cherry, and maple. Our skilled craftsmen will turn your customized measurements of acacia wood into heirloom quality furniture pieces using a natural material.

unique grain texture acacia wood

Unique Characteristics in the Grain and Texture

Acacia wood is known for its distinctive patterns, but when it comes to your live edge dining table, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of options.

Acacia tables with a twist are especially eye-catching as they highlight unique traits within the tree’s natural grain. This unique feature also provides a touch of natural beauty to your table.

The live edge acacia wood really breathes life into any dining room area. While live edge dining table options are plentiful, the live edge acacia wood offers brings an enhanced aesthetic to any room.

acacia wood dining table at Kojo

Stunning Raw Edge Dining Tables

Live edge acacia wood is the solid wood we prefer to use when crafting a live edge table. The acacia wood top sitting atop solid wood or metal legs is absolutely beautiful!

Depending on the edge dining room tables use, you can achieve a stunning abstract design with ease. The live edge, in particular, is especially stunning as it accents the natural materials used in constructing the solid wood live edge table.

acacia live edge dining table creation at factory

Why Choose a Live Edge Dining Table?

Choosing live edge means allowing our skilled artisans to work on preserving the natural beauty of the acacia wood top. As a result, you’ll have a sturdy live edge table created from solid acacia wood. But what’s even more impressive is the live edge acacia itself.

Each live edge acacia slab has its own set of unique features that make it stunning. The solid wood aesthetic perfectly complements the wood or metal legs, and if you’re looking for a live edge dining table, live edge acacia wood is an easy choice.

Edge dining is an experience you and your guests will appreciate for generations to come. Our skilled artisans perfectly preserve Mother Nature’s acacia wood grain designs to craft your live edge dining table. But what’s more, this will be a sturdy table that features that live edge acacia wood as the centerpiece.

acacia live edge dining table by tier 1 furnishings

A Dining Room Table Built to Last

Each live edge dining table made from live edge acacia wood is crafted to last. We’re so confident in the durability of our live edge dining tables, we expect these incredible pieces to bring generations together for generations if you know how to care for a live edge acacia wood table.

Whether you want a unique twist or something smooth and sleek, every piece is different depending on the acacia tree used in its construction. Your custom live edge dining table will be crafted from hand-selected acacia wood in Chiang Mai, Thailand before being wrapped, packaged, and shipped to its final destination.

live edge acacia dining table

A Unique Piece for Your Home Decor

A live edge dining table design will enhance any space. This, of course, includes homes.

We love to use live edge acacia wood in the creation of our live edge table designs because of its luxurious aesthetic. The wood has a certain quality that you do not find in other hardwoods.

The thin, wavy lines of the acacia’s grain are only enhanced by the live edge design. This feature enhances any table or desk made from live edge acacia wood to create an elegant appearance that includes an immediately noticeable ‘wow’ factor.

Our live edge dining table designs are custom-made to suit the specifications of your choice. The tone, grain pattern, and size are just a few unique details that can be chosen before being handcrafted and shipped out.

acacia live edge dining table

The Live Edge Acacia Wood Advantage

There are countless design options when it comes to choosing an acacia wood table. This is especially true for our live edge dining table designs.

If you see something you love, we can create a live edge table to match. And if you’re looking for a custom live edge acacia wood design, we’re ready to make that happen.

While plenty of solid wood options exist, we find that the live edge acacia wood we provide offers outstanding beauty. So, if you’re looking to have a live edge dining table handcrafted to your specifications, Tier 1 Furnishings is here to make that happen!

Our Process

drying acacia live edge slabs

Drying Live Edge Acacia Wood

After sustainably sourcing the solid wood, we begin producing the live edge acacia slabs used to create table top and leg designs.

We begin by drying out the acacia wood. This involves putting our acacia wood slabs in a massive oven for weeks at a time to ensure the wood is completely dry. By doing this, we minimize the chance of your live edge dining table experiencing warpage or cracking for decades.

planing acacia live edge wood

Planing & Sanding Solid Wood Slabs

After we finish drying our live edge dining table top slabs, we begin leveling them. We plane each slab to perfection while keeping the live edge acacia intact.

Once we finish planing, we start hand sanding each solid wood live edge dining table board to highlight the incredible acacia wood grain. At this point, we’re enhancing the live edge table slabs aesthetic where you’ll have a nice preview of what your dining table will look like.

grain alignment for 12' dining table live edge acacia

Aligning the Grains of a Live Edge Dining Table

Sometimes, we make a massive live edge dining table that needs aligning. We want the live edge dining slabs to match up perfectly to ensure the table design flows.

For these custom live edge dining table designs, we use acacia wood from the same tree. This ensures the live edge flows as it should, enhancing each unique piece without hesitation!

hand lacquer

Hand Lacquer Finishing for a Live Edge Dining Table

We start the finishing process once the acacia wood is aligned. Each live edge dining table gets a primer coat by hand. Once we finish applying the first coat, we wait for it to dry.

Next, we apply a second coat to the table, being careful to perfectly preserve the live edge. This is how we keep the finish uniform on each live edge dining table we create.

We don’t shoot for good quality; we aim for Tier 1 Furnishings quality. Our shop focuses on producing the premium live edge table designs our customers have come to expect. And we never fall short of incredible at our shop!

spray lacquer

Spray Finishing a Live Edge Table

Once the primer coat is applied by hand, it’s time to apply the lacquer finishing. We use a hand-held spray to keep the finishing coat even.

After the initial spray coat of lacquer dries and preserves the acacia wood dining table, we spray to finish it one more time. We want each live edge table coated with total protection to keep it lasting for generations to come.

tables put together

Final Assembly

Once the live edge table is dry, we assemble it to ensure the specifications are on point. After we guarantee a perfect fit, the live edge table is finished and ready for photos.

Acacia Wood Coffee Table

Photographing Your Acacia Wood Dining Table

Now that the acacia wood dining table is complete, it’s time for pictures. We’ll send photos of the table to you for your approval before we begin disassembling it and professionally packing it for flat-packed crate shipping.

acacia wood table packaging

Packaging an Acacia Wood Dining Table

We start our packaging process with a layer of corrugated paper wrap. This is the first step we take to ensure your furniture doesn’t get scratched or damaged during transport.

Once we apply the first layer of protection, we begin wrapping the table and legs once more, providing it with a second layer of corrugated paper wrap.

After the acacia dining table has two layers of corrugated paper wrap covering it, we add a layer of protective foam wrap to the legs and table top to guarantee additional transport protection.

Following protective foam application to the acacia dining table top and legs, we add thick protective cardboard layers to the wood and legs.

Another Layer of Cardboard for Your Dining Table

Your live edge dining table deserves additional protection. This is why we add another layer of cardboard.

The live edge dining table is now officially covered and protected from minimal damage!

protective crate frame acacia live edge dining table

Adding a Protective Crate Frame

Each live edge acacia wood table gets a custom-made wood crate. This is the way we minimize damage during transport by sea, ensuring each dining table reaches its final destination looking as incredible as the day we shipped it!

Picture, Documentation, & Paperwork

After packing your dining table, we send photos of your packed live edge piece. The acacia wood is covered and protected from damage. And we start handling the documentation and paperwork to get your dining table on a ship.

Acacia Wood Dining Tables Designs by Tier 1 Furnishings

Tier 1 Furnishings expert craftsmen have a variety of designs available for your choosing. However, don’t forget, if you want something custom, we can make that happen too!

Here’s a list of the designs we offer. If you see something you like, we can customize every aspect of it, from table height to style!

live edge acacia wood dining table with benches

Live Edge Acacia Wood Designs

If you can dream it, it can be handcrafted from our acacia wood. Whether you want a dining table with X-shaped metal legs or live edge legs for your furniture, our shop will make you the dining table of your dreams!

Each table is made from acacia wood. If you’re looking for a special dining table style, we should have no trouble making a fabulous acacia wood-handcrafted piece.

We can even make acacia wood chairs to match! If you haven’t seen our assortment of acacia dining chairs, make sure to check them out too!

square acacia wood dining table

Square Acacia Wood Dining Table

We can make square-shaped dining table designs that feature live edge acacia wood. These table designs are handcrafted to highlight the unique features of acacia wood.

We recommend getting matching chairs with your purchase, of course. The acacia wood dining chairs are also handcrafted to match each table with ease!

We also have acacia wood bench options. This handcrafted wood furniture is perfect for sitting, and with easy assembly, there’s no need to worry about complicated instructions!

round acacia live edge dining table

Round Acacia Wood Dining Table

Our round acacia wood table designs come with either a live edge acacia wood or a traditional edge. Regardless of which style you choose, this furniture is absolutely fabulous!

Each purchase is a happy purchase of handcrafted acacia wood furniture. Every table we create outlines the natural beauty of the acacia wood.

No two pieces are the same. And while each design can be the same style table, the unique nature of this furniture is what makes it special.

Round acacia wood table designs from Tier 1 Furnishings are sturdy and work perfectly in any space. Whether you want these handcrafted wood tables in your cafe or in your kitchen, the unique shape and aesthetic paired with the durable designs ensure a magnificent addition to any space.

acacia live edge dining table

Rectangular Acacia Wood Dining Table

Out rectangular dining table options come with either a live edge or a traditional edge. If you have a specific type of edge you’d like, don’t hesitate to ask!

This is the beauty of acacia wood. We can work the dining table into any design you’d like.

If your heart is set on a fabulous acacia wood piece, there’s no better place to shop for a custom dining table than Tier 1 Furnishings. We know no end to customer satisfaction, and you’re sure to receive a dining table that perfectly enhances your space.

Watch and be amazed as your guests enter your dining room and see the acacia wood. Each dining table is unique and brings a level of sophistication that isn’t found in other wood options.

Complement your new acacia wood table with a modern style bench. Our contemporary bench options are incredible, and the beauty is in the details!

While we don’t have a brick-and-mortar store, this allows us to create each table at the best price possible. Whether you need a contemporary wood dining table or an acacia wood bench in a special shape, the price is reasonable because we offer our products directly from our factory.

live edge acacia sled coffee table

Add Acacia Dining Chairs & Benches

From handmade contemporary benches to acacia dining chairs, Tier 1 Furnishings handcrafts each bench or chair in accordance with customer desires. We can use the bench and chair designs we have on hand. Or, we can custom craft a bench or set of dining chairs to match your fabulous table.

Lead times vary, of course. But if you’re looking for a solid acacia wood bench in a certain style, we can make it happen.

Shop our selection of acacia wood benches and acacia dining chairs. We’re excited to create and deliver an incredible contemporary acacia dining table set to your home!

The Tier 1 Furnishings Difference

At Tier 1 Furnishings, we put the customer first and ensure that every purchase is a happy purchase. We create handcrafted, refined wood furniture using acacia wood and other designs as we see fit.

Whether you’re looking for contemporary bench options, custom dining tables, or any other type of handcrafted acacia table set, Tier 1 Furnishings has variations that satisfy. And if you’re looking for something beyond our line of designs, we’re always happy to craft something custom for your home or commercial operation.

Each of our furniture variations is commercial-grade. This means the wood and furniture we create are able to withstand daily use while maintaining their shape and beauty. It’s perfect for use at home, and if you have a business you’re looking to furnish, it’ll work great for that too!

Interested in having us furnish your entire home or business? Contact us now to discuss your next big project!

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