Live Edge Console Table in Acacia


These Live Edge Console Tables in Acacia are customizable. If you have height, width, or length specifications, we can find the right piece of wood and custom craft a live edge console table to match your unique needs.

Make custom requests to make each piece your own! Request initials, a date, hideaway drawers, and other customizations!

Shipping Cost Estimate: $450+, depending on console size and final destination. Ordering more furniture minimizes shipping costs per piece.

**Price does not include arrival side fees or duties **

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Live Edge Wood Console Tables in Acacia

Live Edge Acacia Wood Console Tables from Tier 1 Furnishings are one-of-a-kind pieces that complement any space. We perfectly preserve Mother Nature’s designs, highlighting the stunning exotic acacia wood grain.

Our shop creates these custom live edge wood console tables while offering unique customizations, including but not limited to engravings and hideaway drawers. Add some luxury to your space and order your solid acacia wood console table today!

Live Edge Console Table in Acacia

What is Live Edge Wood?

Live edge console tables use live edge wood. But what is live edge wood?

Whether a customer plans to buy a live edge wood console table, TV stand, table legs, or another piece of custom furniture, live edge wood enhances the aesthetic. Each piece is kiln dried to ensure enough moisture is removed to make it a high-quality live edge product.

Live edge wood is wood that has been harvested and milled in such a way that the natural edge of the tree remains intact. This might include bark, sapwood, cambium (the layer of cells just below the bark), or pith (the soft spongy center of a tree trunk). However, we typically recommend removing the bark as it can become delicate over the years.

For the purpose of a live edge console, the wood is kiln-dried to make it the perfect choice for furniture creation. The resulting console table is a work of art that will last multiple generations with proper care.

While some prefer a more modern look, the timeless aesthetic of live edge furniture makes live edge wood increasingly popular. Whether you plan to have a live edge console entry table or use it for some other decor, this style offers a level of beauty that adds a luxurious accent to any home or office space.

But what is a live edge?

You might still be wondering, “What’s a live edge?” The term “live edge” means that the wood or lumber incorporates natural beauty designed by Mother Nature herself. Live edge furniture includes coffee tables, live edge console table designs, and more.

Live edge is an aesthetic that can be an interesting look for your home or commercial space. Furthermore, it’s a great way to appreciate the natural design of the wood itself.

Ultimately, live edge describes the natural edge that remains connected to the wood. Pieces of wood that get milled usually lack this natural aesthetic. But it remains popular in luxury decor and furnishings.

Console tables, in particular, aren’t always made using a natural edge. While the live edge console table is a thing of beauty, the price can discourage some from purchasing them for their homes or businesses.

Live edge console table designs require effort to preserve – especially if they’ll appear in your entryway where everyone will see it! It’s not as simple as attaching some hairpin legs or u shaped legs to a few slabs of Oak, Maple, or Walnut and calling it a day!

Live Edge Console Table in Acacia

Handcrafting Live Edge Console Tables at Tier 1 Furnishings

Crafting the perfect live edge console table made from an entire piece of solid natural wood can be challenging. Some pieces might be too small; others might not be light or dark enough for the interior design.

We first need to find the perfect piece that’s the perfect height and width. The idea here is to find the console table of your dreams.

This is why we cannot make console tables in bulk! Each piece is too unique to list on Amazon as a replicable furniture piece.

Then, it’s time to finish the piece. We finish each console table with multiple coats of lacquer. This provides these sofa tables with just enough protection to last.

While refinishing is essential over time, each table is crafted to last multiple generations. The price reflects this, of course. But this furniture isn’t one of the cheap particle board sofa tables you’ll find at a corporate table manufacturer!

Live Edge Console Tables Handcrafted from Acacia

Live Edge Console Tables in Acacia are handcrafted using solid acacia wood. Needless to say, each console table is a luxurious addition to any home or business!

Due to their unobtrusive presence, these exotic natural edge Acacia grain console table designs are an impressive option to add something special to narrow spaces like hallways and entryways. Some prefer to use these as a bar, desk, or vanity, and with the right size specifications, these furnishings can fit perfectly against the back of a sofa with lighting or decorative pieces sitting on top.

Console table designs have been used in homes and other spaces as a simple shelving unit for showcasing items. Whether to hold a television, display a collection of knick-knacks, or an entryway accent to welcome guests into your home, this Live Edge Console Table in Acacia adds a sense of luxury to any space.

The natural edge console table features exotic Acacia grain with sophisticated twists and turns in the wood for a finished aesthetic that’s totally unique to the piece. This is the top tier of custom wood furnishings, and the timeless look of this solid Acacia wood console table is sure to make a lasting impression with its stunning presentation.

As a next-level answer to storage and display needs, the Live Edge Console Table in Acacia is a versatile furnishing. We’re excited to provide special offers on these gorgeous, rustic-yet-modern console table options.

These console table designs are handcrafted from solid Acacia wood before being sealed with lacquer. As a solid piece of exotic hardwood, each console table is more durable than common Oak or Maple furnishings, and they’re built to withstand the test of time.

What is a Live Edge Table?

A natural edge console table is a table that has a natural edge. This means that the console table isn’t made from a piece of wood that has been cut and then shaped.

Instead, the console table is made from a piece of wood that has been left in its natural state. This gives the table a more rustic look.

Each console table boasting a natural edge is completely unique with no two pieces showcasing identical details. These work well in modern and rustic homes. They can also be placed anywhere, whether in an entryway or a busy restaurant where it will come into contact with people daily.

But Why Live Edge Furniture?

Whether you need a behind the couch table or a small entry table, each Tier 1 Furnishings console table design is sure to enhance your space’s aesthetic. While there’s no regular price for crafting these custom furnishings, keep in mind, acacia wood is more expensive than Oak, Walnut, or Maple.

Natural edge furniture has several benefits to offer. But one of the easiest to spot is how no two slabs of wood look the same.

Custom Console Table Creation at Tier 1 Furnishings

For those interested in a bespoke, original piece of raw wood, feel confident in your purchase! Include some details about how you’d like your entryway or hallway table to look and our craftsmen will work with you to make it happen.

We take care in crafting each natural edge console table so that it will be a valuable piece of furniture for your home or office for years to come. Unlike other mass-manufactured tables, we care about every customer and their needs!

We’ll help with shipping logistics for each console table purchased. Our shipping service is second to none!

While we don’t have a brick-and-mortar store stateside, our shop handcrafts each high-quality console table in Northern Thailand before we ship it to your door. Each piece shipped is a sign that we’re doing our job right, and we’re excited to create quality pieces for your house and business now and in the future!

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