Turned Acacia Stools


These Turned Acacia Stools are not customizable. But if you have specifications, we can custom craft these stools to match your unique needs.

Shipping Cost Estimate: $410 to $1,400+, depending on number of stools and final destination. Ordering more furniture minimizes shipping costs per piece.

**Price does not include arrival side fees or duties **

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Do you think of your chair as more of a throne? Neither do we. That’s why we leave the thrones for royalty and redesigned the classic stool to create these Turned Acacia Stools that perfectly complement our already extensive Tier 1 Furnishings wooden stool collection.

Tier 1 Furnishings’ Turned Acacia Stools are stools, but not as most know them. Like an alpine chair for rocks, Turned Acacia Stools are seats made from solid acacia wood.

These stools are turned through an ancient process and then hand-made into their final shape. They’re the perfect way to add some soul and color to your space wherever you put them!

The process is called “turning.” We use this method to create our Turned Acacia Stools as opposed to other carving techniques that require more steps and typically end up with less natural shapes.

These turned acacia stools are crafted to last a lifetime, and they’re perfect for your kitchen nook or outdoor patio. So sit back with these rustic seats on the weekend, or scoot one of these dense industrial pieces behind your desk.

Simply put, these handcrafted wooden stools are a unique addition to any home. They’re made of solid acacia wood, which makes for incredibly durable seating due to the tree’s rot-resistant nature.

Each stool measures ~16 inches in diameter and is nearly 18 inches tall. For anyone looking for an incredible stool, grab a seat – or 4, or 8 – and enjoy!

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