Live Edge Acacia Restaurant Tables


Our Live Edge Acacia Restaurant Tables are 100% customizable. Choose from the table sizes below. You’ll choose the wood thickness, legs/base, and height later.

Shipping Cost Estimate: $410 to $8,500+, depending on order size and final destination. Filling a shipping container minimizes shipping costs per piece.

**Price does not include arrival side fees or duties **

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In order to give you the best possible price on custom commercial Acacia wood restaurant furniture, we have a minimum order of 8 pieces, which can be mixed and matched.

Our Live Edge Acacia Wood Restaurant Tables feature unique natural edges to complement any scene. Whether for a restaurant, bar, or another commercial business, these custom live edge restaurant tables elevate the experience.


22”x30”x3”, 24”x48”x3”, 24”x36”x3”, 24”x42”x3”, 24”x24”x3”, 30”x72”x3”, 30”x60”x3”, 30”x48”x3”, 30”x42”x3”, 30”x36”x3”, 30”x30”x3”, 36”x24”x3”, 36”x48”x3”, 36”x36”x3”, 42”x42”x3”, 54”x36”x3”, 72”x36”x3”, 78”x36”x3”, 84”x36”x3”, 96”x36”x3”